The Misfits fans can appreciate this!!

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  1. On friday night the Misfits played at the club I am a bouncer at, I stood outside the mosh pit most of the night making sure nothing crazy happened. It was a great show and there were no fights.

    After the show I went to clear the floor and my buddy was at the door and I asked him where the band went and he said outside so I walked out and Jerry Only and Robo were outside and they were talking to everyone and hugging people and signing everything and taking pictures.

    I walked up and Jerry stuck his head out of the crowd and said "hey brother everything is cool, we don't need any security"

    so I went back inside and got a copy of "on the rocks" and went back out and there was just me and Jerry at that point and I shook his hand and he gave me a man hug and then I told him they have been my fave band almost 8 years and he said "thanks brother it means alot" and I told him they put on a cool show and he said "that's what we do, we put on cool shows then come and hang out with cool people". Then he told me "thanks for working with us and keeping the place safe, it's a great club".

    Anyway I handed him my on the rocks and this is what I got out of it.


    :big grin:
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    Wow, sounds like a nice guy(unlike Danzig). I remember seeing them here awhile back (97-98?) when they played with Anthrax and some death metal band. I remember the drums being super fucking huge with spikes on them.

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