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    These are very few of the bands that come to mind when I think of "emo." But this should give you the idea of what I am saying: Basically, I dislike bands that have all this screaming and call themselves "emo" or emotional. There's more to the spectrum of human emotion than just screaming about religious ideals. But some argue that not all "emo" music is sacred. If this is true what else are they screaming about? (maybe they are displaying their feelings of confusion about the rules their God has laid out for them to follow) :dunno:

    New Found Glory - Is it just me, or does the lead singer's voice blow? :ugh:
    As Cities Burn - This is an sXe band. I have yet to understand in full the mindset of the fans of this band. At their concerts people do this dance. (It's a must-see for anyone that has any remote interest in what I am babbling about.) :mb:
    At the Drive In
    Taking Back Sunday
    Brand New
    Norma Jean - A religious band that talks much about Jesus' teachings; but in an acid metal kinda way.
    The Ataris - These guys were the authors to my senior class's qoute, inwhich is on the back of the year 05's senior shirts. The quote is from one of their songs. It's the stupid's quote ever. (I can post the exact quote if I receive a request for it.)
    As I Lay Dying - These guys just suck. I am sorry. :hs:
    Story of the year

    Don't get me wrong here. Many of these bands have some "ok" songs. These bands' style just sounds primative to me. :hsughw:

    Don't Flame Me To Bad Now. :mamoru: :x:

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