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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by pharcyde183, Jun 2, 2004.

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    Well mine is currently being completely redone so i don't really have pics but here are some for your viewing displeasure :eek3: of my old stuff

    Clarion HX-D10 HU, still broken, using till August when i can get a new HU before college.
    Crystal cpe60 components. Tweeters are in my AC vents since gxe doesn't have factory mounts. Need to fab some mounts as they like to buzz on certain frequencies with the lovely rattly buzzy maxima.
    Digital designs DDW6.5 rear midbass speakers. They bump my midbass tones nicely.

    Well the rest is being changed around,

    front amp: planet audio p150.2 [email protected]
    midbass amp: planet audio p300.2 [email protected]
    subwoofer amp: planet audio p1250d [email protected]
    Subwoofer: Audioque HD15 (better remake of DD9000 series woofer)

    Post your crap

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