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    BBC Paras Series – “Where are they now?”

    In 1982 the Parachute Regiment helped the BBC make a highly successful television series on what it takes to be a Para. The seven programmes were shown on BBC1 in Mar / Apr 1983, after the Falklands War. The cameras followed the recruits of 480 Platoon from the day they enlisted in January 1982, through basic training at Aldershot, then P Company, parachuting at Brize Norton, and the passing out parade at Aldershot on 16 July 1982, then on with some of them to Northern Ireland. Most of the 23 who qualified went to 2 and 3 PARA. Author Frank Hilton wrote an equally successful companion book to the series “The Paras”.

    Frank Hilton and producer David Harrison are keen to contact former members of 480 Platoon – and the staff who trained them – with a view to making a follow-up programme. Harrison says: “We would like to know what happened to the soldiers we came to know so well in the programmes, about their time long or short spent in the Army, and what sort of career they have followed since. If you are an ex-member of 480 Platoon or know anyone who was – or helped train them – we’d love to hear from you”.

    RHQ PARA is assisting Frank Hilton and David Harrison with their project and would like to make first contact to ensure only the details of those happy to participate are released. If you are ex-480 Platoon or were a member of the training staff and are happy for Frank Hilton or David Harrison to contact you, please forward your contact details FAO Mike Edgeley (quoting ‘480 Platoon’) to RHQ PARA at:

    Tel: 01206 782102
    Email: [email protected]
    Address: Regimental Headquarters
    The Parachute Regiment
    Flagstaff House
    4 Napier Road
    CO2 7SW

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