The Rally of a Thousand turns.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Guido The Penguin, Feb 9, 2002.

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    Rally Corsica, who is going to win?

    I figure its either going to be the red of Citroen or the grey of Peugeot. They're stupid fast on the hard stuff.

    Tommi Makinen has always been pretty good at Tarmac, as has Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae.

    But the French tarmac specialist at Peugeot and Citroen are just too much.

    I think Subaru or the other teams would be smart by bringing in Simon Jean-Joseph or Jesus Puras to bolster their tarmac line-up.

    Any other comments? :)
  2. Buck-O

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    I think your right on a french winner. The amount of rescources Pugeot and Citroen (especially) put into tarmac events is over the top. Abotu the only way i see a non french winner is if they get cocky and crash out, or have mechanical failures.

    AFAIK, Simon, and Jesus both have binding contracts with Pugeot and Citroen respectivly. And im not sure they could break out of it to drive for another make.

    Some of the things ill be look at particularly in corsica:
    Sebastian Loeb. Hes proved to be incredibly fast on tarmac. And this should be no idfferent at Corsica.
    "Fast Freddy" Loix. Hes known to be fast on tarmac, hes put up good results here in Corsica in teh past, he had a good showing at Monte before his crash, and a superb showing at Sweeden before trouble. He was very fast originally back in teh Corolla WRcar, and felt very at home with it. But unfortunatly, at Mitsubishi, he was forced to drive a car designed around Tommi Makinen, and really had no input into teh overall design of the car. Now with Freddy at Hyundai things are very different. First, the rumor is that the Accent WRcar handles much ike that of teh Corolla WRcar of old. A definate bonus Freddy, who had some of his best results in a Corolla. Plus hes a joint #1, which means his oppinion is highly reguarded with teh team and changes are made to reflect his wishes. Mechanicle problems, and accidents aside, i fully expect Freddy to be in the points, and if the French contingency has issues, at least the top 5.
    Carlos Sainz. What can i say, Carlos is my favorite WRC driver of all time. I love the guy. And i think hes the best non-French chance of victory for Corsica. And certaintly, id think, Fords best bet for the rally overall. El Matadore...what mroe needs to be said?
    Skoda. I always root for Skoda...i thinkt eh car itself is just damn cool, and i like rooting for the underdog. They impressed at Monte and Sweeden, i expect the same at Corsica.

    Then again...i could be completely wrong. :blue:
  3. Merlin

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    If Citroen finishes they'll win.

    The top two Pugeots in 2nd and 3rd (if there are that many left).

    If Colin can finish he'll be in the top 5. Maybe even steal a 3rd from Peugot, but not likely.

    I don't think Tommi will finish. That man and Tarmac don't seem to mix lately.

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