GAME the re-release of MK trilogy pack recently released


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Oct 8, 2009
Yeah, I guess the fucking lag from the old days was also included. garbage


Oct 26, 2006
Yeah this sucks....a while ago the original plan was to redo them in HD and release it before the last game came out...remember when Gamestop spilled the beans on that and had box art and everything....they never really talked about it and then never talked about scrapping it...but obviously they did.

I grabbed the demo of this - played a couple rounds of 1 and 3. You know what's weird? I don't remember owning Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Xbox Live, I don't even remember it ever BEING on Xbox live....but I must have at some point because it was listed as a title I owned and I had some points for it....but its not downloaded and I couldn't seem to find it to download it separately.... Did they remove it from Xbox live at some point?! What happens if you bought a game that gets removed for some reason?

1 did NOT hold up....I played a few games of that and was shocked at how shitty it felt to play. When I got MK for Gameboy for Christmas as a kid, I was disappointed with how slow and crappy the game was in comparison to the arcade and SNES versions I loved....I felt that feeling again when I loaded up " one point this was the most amazing game to me"

3 was okay but the new MK game is so good, that its hard to even see the good in 3 anymore.

I have 2 for PS3, and that's decent...perfect arcade translation.

I was so stoked when I heard about the HD Trilogy coming out, and when I read that this came out I was like 'well, its not in HD but I'm still excited because its something'....but I think it was the memories in my head making me think I was excited. Perfect arcade ports at home is something I always the time the games were in the arcades. But these days, its just not as special as it would have been when I was 13. The HD mighta been cool to see/play, but a graphical update won't make these games feel as special as they once did to me, and I think they realized that maybe the work wasn't going to be worth it.

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