FRK The River House, Part 2

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    ok after a long is part two!

    Part. 2

    Tom’s mind was racing as he watched his wife slide off of the bed and walk towards the bathroom, he was memorized by her tan ass bouncing up and down as she swayed towards the shower…knowing full well what had just happened. His mind was racing, remembering what had just happened…how his wife moaned for Matt’s cock, how she pulled him close to her as he drove deeper and deeper. And then it hit him, she knew and loved every single minute of it..and instantly he was nauseous, sick to his stomach! The moment was over and he was feeling dizzy and out of control.

    Susan heard the water running as she approached the bathroom with a devilish smile on her face. She had never felt so sexy, so liberated, so powerful as she did in that moment. She opened the door and saw Matt turn around in the glass shower to see who was coming in.

    “ahhhhh, hey….um what’s up Sue?” stammered Matt.

    “Hey there, I’m just feeling a little dirty…want to help clean me up?”

    Matt’s face flushed with redness. He knew he’d been caught…and instantly he knew she was ok with it, and his cock began to grow.

    “I’ll take that as a yes” said Susan, eyeing Matt’s growing member.

    Susan slid open the shower door, and was instantly relaxed by the lingering effects of the Margaritas and the nice hot water. She turned Matt around, grabbed the soap and pressed her chest into his back. Lathering up her hands she started with his arms, feeling every bulge on the way to his shoulders, she pressed her tits deeper into him as she rubbed his strong chest, and worked her way down his chiseled abs. With one hand on his stomach, she slid the other further down and wrapped her hands around his now extremely hard cock. She lathered and stroked him as he moaned and groaned softly. After a little while she spun him back around and dropped down to her knees. Matt’s cock was so big and thick, she wasn’t sure if she could take the entire thing, but she was going to try. She kissed around the base of his cock, slowly licking his balls as the hot water beat on her back. She kissed her way up his shaft and finally took his cock in her mouth. It was far too much for her to handle, so she worked her way down gently. She started as his enormous head and sucked and licked until she worked half of his cock into her mouth. His moaning became increasingly louder as she pulled him in and out of her mouth. She could tell by his breathing that he was going to cum soon, but not before she slid that cock into her again.

    “Not so fast sailor” She said with a smirk.

    She turned around and nuzzled her ass up against his hard cock.

    Matt looked down at his friend’s wife. Her beautiful ass just waiting for him. He could see her gorgeous pussy lips waiting patiently. He reached around and grabbed one of her hanging breasts, placing her nipples between his fingers as his other hand steadied himself on her ass as he slid his cock inside her. He was instantly met with a very loud moan.

    “sshhhhhh!!!! Tom will hear us!” cried Matt

    “oh right, like he cares? He’s probably in the bed jerking off at the thought of us in here fucking!” said Susan

    Meanwhile Tom got off the bed, stumbling a bit. Still in a drunken, horny, nauseous stupor he stumbled to the mirror. He looked at himself and thought “Jesus, what have I done!!!!” He walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water and splashed some of the tap water on his face. Just as he was toweling off he heard a loud passionate moaning through the wall. He felt his cock immediately twinge in response.

    “Why, why why does this turn me on so damn much” he said out loud as he felt his dick getting harder and harder.

    Tom made his way back to the bedroom and crept up to the bathroom door. He heard his wife and Matt moaning as they obviously fucked.

    “mmm, you like that pussy don’t you? You’re a naughty fucking boy aren’t you Matt. You think you can just come and fuck me while I’m sleeping?” Susan demanded.

    “I, I I” stammered Matt

    “Oh shut up and fuck me Matt. Isn’t this what you want? You want to fuck your best friends wife, and you have for years! Is my pussy everything you expected?” said Susan as she rocked hard onto his cock

    “mmm, fuck me harder Matt, you were way too gentle when I was sleeping” groaned Susan.

    And Matt did, after already cumming once and having some booze, he could go like a porn star at this point. He grabbed her and slammed her up against the shower door, forcing his cock as deep inside of her as it would go.

    Outside, Tom heard a banging sound and then a shrill scream. He was worried that something terrible had happened so he barged into the bathroom to find his wife pressed up against the glass door, tits pressed firmly into the glass as Matt was fucking her like an animal from behind. Susan looked directly into her husband’s eyes and smiled as Matt fucked her with the force of a freight train. Now was her time to perform. Susan started crying in ecstasy making it overly dramatic. Oh she was enjoying herself all right, but she needed her husband to enjoy it with her.
    Tom couldn’t believe his eyes, or his ears. His wife was in a trance, rhythmically bouncing up and down as Matt fucked her silly. He looked down and confirmed what he felt; he cock was as hard as it had ever been at the sight before him. He reached inside his pants and slowly began to stroke as he watched his wife being fucked. He was so excited that even with alcohol in him and one load unleashed, he found himself making a mess in his shorts after a minute or so. He looked up at his wife, slightly embarrassed as he found her laughing.

    Matt was paying attention to one thing, the gorgeous pussy in front of him working his cock like never before. Susan was incredibly tight which surprised him given that she had 2 children. And she knew how to work it. She squeezed his cock every time he was deep in her, and wriggled her hips to follow his motion. With both hands grabbing her tits hard, nipples being twisted sharply in his fingers he knew he was going to cum again. He quickened his pace and drove deep inside her as he finally came. He was so excited he came for what felt like an eternity, pulses load after load into Susan’s tight pussy. She teased his limp cock with her ass as he pulled out.

    “Well boys, you’ve both cum twice and I haven’t cum once” said Susan dryly.

    “We’re just going to have to see how well you work as a team” she said with a wink…
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    Very nice!:drool: :drool:
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    That was really good.
    Nice job!
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    I'm rock hard!!! WOW
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    that was hott!!!!!

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