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    Ok hello everyone. My name is... well unimportanat. Anyway... I like to write dirty, sexual, seductive stories to my girlfriend. I have already posted 2 i think and anyway I decided to make a new thread dedicated to my own that I will update everytime I get one completed. Now I dont have to create a new thread each time, probley get about one a week or so... Have fun, and I LOVE YOU baby!

    This first one happens to be a true story that happened a few weeks ago on a weekend this is only 1/2 the story and sorta dosnt include anything freaky, the 2nd part does it just hasent made it to the web yet. PS. Sorry for grammer, sentence structure.

    Weekend #1

    OK well here I go again. I love you baby, I'm so proud of you, and what
    You have to go through everyday. This is for you, I know you'll enjoy
    it... again heehee. Ok well let us start this story out leaving my
    girlfriend's house shortly after I showed up to visit her. After a
    short while of driving and thinking, we ended up at the local dam/lake
    for a vacation at home. We got out of my car, looked around and decided
    to take a stroll around the park portion of the lake before deciding on
    what to do. Well, we walked down the path toward a designated swimming
    area, w/ a man made stone beach. We had walked off the path slightly,
    holding hands, supressing our feelings as much as we could. Deep down
    we both wanted to unleash our inner selves in a fit of emotion, but
    that will have to wait. We had kisses slightly a few times letting a
    short rush of passion out through our lips and hands. I remember
    embracing her with my arms around her waist, sliding up and down her
    back, slowly caressing over her sexy ass and squeezing it. All the
    while she had forced me up against a tree as our lips were locked, and
    tongue tickling each other's lips. My hands soon moved from her back,
    to her hips, sliding my thumbs through her belt loops on her form
    fitting jeans to pull her hips to mine. With her hips now pressing me
    against the tree, I slid my hands up to her chest, to caress and
    lightly squeeze her full, round, soft, breasts. Soon she was backing
    away, denying me the piece of heaven she had been given me. The next
    thing I remember was opening my eyes seeing her grin, and hearing her
    tell me that I'd have to work for it if I was to go any farther. She
    had started walking away when I realize where I am again, and also
    realize that everyone within a 100 foot radius that can see me cant
    miss my big flag sticking out that shows how excited I was from our
    previous encounter under the tree. A quick decision was made to walk to
    the far end up the dam, where hopefully we would be more alone to sit
    on our blanket and enjoy each other's company. A rather long and hot
    walk followed, holding hands and looking out over the water. Once
    there, we picked out a clean looking spot on the back of the dam,
    spread the blanket out and prepared to relax. We had layed down, I was
    laying on my right side, her on her left so that we were facing each
    other. We had kissed lightly and snuggles as closly as we could under
    the circumstances. It was a very, very, very busy place to be on a
    saturday morning. Many bikers, hikers, and families were out to see the
    water. We kept everything sexual to a minimum, with the exception of a
    slight bit of dirty talking to excite and tease each other. When we got
    our first gap of alone time we certainly took advantage of it. I was
    now laying on my left and her on her right. She quickly crawled on top
    of me, straddling over my waist, leaned down over me, draping her hair
    around our faces as to isolate us from the world, which worked to
    perfection to me. I had an amazing view. My girlfriend's beautiful
    face, her lovely green eyes staring me in the face, and of course her
    large supple breasts showing cleavage that was so eyecatching that the
    gods themselves couldnt keep from looking. A special image that I'll
    never soon forget is the lips of this stunning young woman. Never will
    I forget them, but this image fills my mind when I close my eyes every
    night. Her lips are unbelivably soft, the perfect shade of natural
    pink/red (yes natural, this girl needs no lip stick/balm), they have
    the perfect curvy shape. Her upper lip has a perky flow of beauty to
    catch your eye, and her lower lip is natually pouty so as to always
    give her that innocent, saddened, seductivly sexy look. I remember
    seeing these lips coming to meet my own, as I closed my eyes and
    remember feeling their soft touch against my own lips. Our bodies felt as one for those brief moments. Her kiss instantly sent my body swirling, giving a feeling of dizzyness and excitment. A slight nibble and sucking of her lips forced a moan past her lips loud enough for only us to hear. The approaching sound of car tracks soon interrupted our reality world. We acted on our "best behavior" as advised by my dad for another short period while people came and left our presence. We found ourselves alone again shortly after, except now she was on her back and I was to her right, leaning over her. I had leaned down to kiss her, placing my hand on her stomached around her belly button and slowly beginning to move my hand downward. She had her feet flat on the ground and her knees up in the air. As she began to relax, and it became apparent to me by her eyes rolling back in her head slightly and the closing they and a loud exhale of breathe, she parted her thighs and allowed me to caress her pussy. She was wearing a pair of daisy dukes (shortest of short shorts that showed all but her butt cheeks out the back, and maybe a slight hint of her pussy lips in the front when the shorts bunched up). From the moment she opened her legs I could tell her pussy was soaked, and has been for some time, and was progressively getting wetter, and more excited and sensitive. Her jeans had a damp feeling to them, although not the damp feeling one would experience from being in the rain, but a feeling of heat, it was emanating from her pussy, it was hot with excitement. I devoted all my attention to it, or as much as I could in public. Small rivers of her juices could be seen on her thighs around the bottom of her shorts, I wanted to go down and taste them so badly. Her juices could be smelled over all other summer scents. It was as if the sweetest flower of all had just bloomed, and all of its nectar was freshly available, and it truly was. I had begun to rub up and down her pussy vigorously, rubbing in small circles where her clit was. I had begun to lightly spank her pussy through her shorts and she really wanted it bad. She couldnt take it anymore, and she wanted me to make her pussy cum, I decided to oblidge her. I had unzipped her shorts and pushed them down shortly, and slid my hand down to her pussy. She was even wetter than I could have imagined. I dipped my finger slightly inside her pussy to get it nice and lubed with her nectar, and proceeded to rub her clit. I had rubbed her clit in tiny circles, pushing down on it hard at times, and barly caressing over the tip of it seconds later. She had wanted to cum, although I had other plans for this horny girl. I made her ignore her urge to orgasm on my finger and press on through the pleasure for more stimulation. Just as she approached orgasm again, a car full of people pulled up, bursting our proverbial bubble once again... for now. <story unfinished... still in progress>

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