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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Leb_CRX, Oct 26, 2003.

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    after about a year, seems like my XP has begun crapping out on me...weird shit has been happening, programs crashing, computer running like can only mean one thing, time for a new install :eek3:

    I was hoping that maybe it was because my HD free space had dropped from 20G to 10G and that maybe that was the reason it was running a bit slow, so the time came to uninstall some software, hoping it boosts the performance back up to where it needs to be....uninstalled a few things, came time to uninstall sierra utilities and the wonderful piece of software decided to erase my complete /games folder (which obviously had all my games, and data)...I got some of it back with Norton system works, but it's just not worth it anymore...

    I knew this day would come, yet I dreaded it's like that relationship that you know is failing, yet you cannot help but hope a miracle happens and everything goes back to being 'good'....

    sucks to be me, at least this time I had a chance to backup my harddrive...heh :hs:

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