SRS The United States declares monkeypox a public health emergency


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Jul 15, 2009

Dozens of people line up for monkeypox vaccine in NYC as it offers the shot to gay and bisexual men with 'multiple partners' as US tally now tops 700 cases​

  • Gay or bisexual men who have multiple sexual partners in two weeks are being offered doses of the vaccine against monkeypox
  • They are available via appointment only at Central Harlem and Chelsea sexual health clinics
  • But within minutes of appointments being made available they were booked up
  • Health officials were slammed for a 'technical glitch' allowing some people to secure slots early using an old link


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Jul 15, 2009

Health officials recommend Club Dallas visitors monitor for monkeypox symptoms after reported case​

An out-of-state visitor infected with monkeypox had multiple sexual encounters at Club Dallas' sauna between June 22-25, Dallas County Health & Human Services said.

The infected person self-identifies as a man who has sex with other men, according to Dallas County health officials. The health department added monkeypox can affect anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.
The traveler was infectious while visiting the sauna at Club Dallas between June 22-25.
Thursday's announcement comes one day after the county announced its first locally transmitted monkeypox case.
"We're definitely watching this very closely," Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Dr. Philip Huang said.
Health officials said that separate case from earlier this week was an out-of-state visitor who was in town for the Daddyland Festival over the Fourth of July weekend.
According to officials, the person in that earlier case reported attendance at the festival and other private parties. The visitor went to a Dallas hospital with a rash and was diagnosed with the virus through lab testing.



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Mar 8, 2009
Los Angeles
So my GF is an identical twin. They got hired like 10 years ago to re-create this photo as if the girls were adults and staying at the Cosmo hotel in Vegas.
We had broken up and I was staying at the Cosmo.. I'm in the lobby checking in and the photo comes up all over the lobby.
Tripped me out.. lol.

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