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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by DarkDruid, Sep 13, 2008.

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    So the last few months I have been bitching and complaining about my lack of friends/dating etc.. My friends all moved away and although I still have a few were all so busy we never get to see each other.

    Well it occurred to me today that maybe I have just been way out of it for awhile. :ugh: :drool:

    What I mean is I barely socialize at all. I never ask anyone to hang out, to see movies, I used to have lots of my friends over and we would watch movies and hang out. It occurred to as of New Years Eve (this year) it has been a year since I really had people over. I have been busy with work and school for a bit of it, but in all honesty I have just been so unhappy I haven't felt like doing anything with anybody.

    Is it weird to just talk to people you go to university or work with to ask them to hang out. I think I may start doing that a lot more but the problem is I don't want to give the wrong impressions. Most people my age are so into alcohol that if I invite a few over they are going to think its time to get wasted and they will be very disappointed. :nono: I rarely drink/party because I think its mostly lame.

    Anyways, what do I do here? Do I start just becoming friendly again and talk to everyone and invite them to do things. (I don't want to seem like I am hitting on them either for girls at least, even if I may be).

    Idk, my mind is in a bit of a mess, anyone got some suggestions? I don't even remember how to make friends anymore. haha :bigthumb:
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    If you don't want to be lonely, you'll have to step towards the people. And if you don't want to give the wrong impressions then you'll have to communicate clearly. Say in advance what it is going to be, and what its not going to be. Otherwhise people will indeed have a wrong impression.

    You indeed came to the right conclusion that if your other previous contacts have become too busy you need to find some people who aren't ,and are available to you.

    Unfortunatly most people associate party with drinking, meaning you'll either have to serve some drinks or make a more difficult step by finding non-drinking friends.
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    at your mom's house. be back later.
    What about joining a club or a sport at your school? You can meet tons of people that way. :dunno:

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