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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by CobraR, Jul 30, 2002.

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    hey, whats up. I almost feel like ill get flamed right off just for bein a noob and bugging u all with questions, but id seriously like some guidance from the guys that know. and believe me.. i wanna listen.. not die :o

    anyway, i was thinking about maybe getting an older cbr 600.. and "would take it easy" but now i realize, afte reading other advice u guys have given, that i prolly won't.

    so im thinking more of an older 250.. in any situation its going to be something i can get for relatively cheap (like a grand plus).

    there's a local '89 vtr 250 in the paper, with like 9k on it for about 1300 bucks.. im thinking of checking it out. its been state saftey inspeted too. ive been readingup on them around the web and it seems like they are generally well-liked by their owners, and lots of times are beginner bikes, or passed down to the wife when the guy gets something bigger.

    so anyway, what do u guys feel i need to know? i know some stuff (or think i do) but wanna know what anyone out there has to say. ohh yea, what does insurance run? not to help much, im 18, and going the be a full-time college student. if its going to cost more than the bike itself... that'd suck! actaully.. i think id only get collision, correct? if i lay the bike over, or it gets trashed.. well.. im shit outta 1300.

    as for experience, all ive ever riden was a trail 90 of my cousins around a feild :( (and jet ski's.. but bahh not nearly the same) Although, i used to ride my bike like a hellion thru my front yard.. all pretty much downhill and full of rocks.. my mom still has the hernias :rofl: but i loved it.. always wanted to ride a cycle.

    anyway.. yea sure i wanna be :cool: on my hot supersport bike.. but id rather ride something that makes me look like malibu ken from the 80's and live to ride that shiny new bike with a huge rear tire and loud pipes sometime in the future...

    so... have at me.. rip up the meager confidence i have... scare me away.. haha.. tell me what u think
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    not really many questions.
    the 250 is probably a sensible choice. Consider something like an EX500 also if one comes along, a good beginner bike too. I don't personally have any problems with beginners on the older CBR 600's (f2/f3 or older) some people do :dunno: Part of it is the power, part handling, part of it is replacing broken plastic, You'll likely do something dumb and drop it (because you don't know it's dumb until you do it :big grin: ) so I'd avoid anything TOO pretty. The 250 will probably teach you the most, the fastest (riding a slow bike fast vs. a fast bike slow)

    don't know a damn thing about the VTR, can't help you any there. It can't be too bad. I figure any bike that's rideable is worth 1500 bucks, even if you crash it I doubt you'll lose much.

    Dirt experience will help, jet ski won't ;) if you haven't checked into the abate/MSF course you might do so
    they will teach you the very basics (and I do mean VERY)

    don't forget to budget for gear, it'll cost nearly as much as your first bike :) Insurance is going to hurt you a bit, if you have to get full coverage it'll probably run ya 30-50 bucks a month (for a 600, can't comment on the two fiddy) so keep that in mind. I don't know how much liability will cost ya.

    you can also sift through the newbie forum over at
    most of your questions you'll find already answered there.
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    thanks man! appreciate the thoughts :big grin:

    i know what you mean, 'ride a slow bike fast rather than a fast bike slow' .. its better to learn how to do something to the limit.. and thats always safer when the limit is less risky and at slower speeds.. its kinda the same way with my car actaully, so i totally understand and agree with that. ive got a hyundai accent (yea i kno.. but its no worse than any civic out there) but i wanted something like a mustang or a comaro.. something with decent hp and actaully geared somewhat at 'performance'. but in the end im glad ive had so much experience with this "slow" car. not to mention i love working on it and trying to make it faster

    anyways, and thanks for the links.. but 1 question, did you mean to take the 2 day class? or just read over all that stuff. i took the online test and got like 35 of 48 right, and the ones i got wrong explained the right answer. the only reason i ask tho is cus if it'd be a hassle to take the classes i wouldn't.. but otherwise id prolly want to anyway. but if i really should at all costs, ill make a supreme effort :bigthumb:

    they're not alll that pretty, haha. they look rather lame. id deff wanna repaint it.. even if i just pull the plastic off and repaint it myself with store-bought spray paint and clearcoat. just wondering tho... couldn't i just take all the plastic off untill i feel secure enough .. like if im just gonna be riding in my yard and stuff especially. or is the plasti good cus then at least it'll just break plastic rather than scuff/dent/ding the frame, or hurt the engine?
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    The MSF course varies it seems, when I took it, we went 4 hours a night, 5 days. Sometimes they do it two days. The written test isn't what you need, it's the on cycle practice and maneuvers (you'll need that practice to pass the on cycle test in most states, as most states use the MSF test for their own, both on cycle and knowledge) It really is worthwhile, most people that have taken it will reccomend it.

    You can take the plastic off sure. will it hit the frame, eh really can't answer that. On one hand I'm inclined to say yes it might, but when I think about it the plastic is pretty flimsy anyway an breaks pretty easily, so I'm not really sure. I kind of like the naked look anyway :)

    some guys over at SBN have painted their bikes themselves, one used a flat black paint, looked REAL nice but took a lot of work (sanding) Bad for visibility though, it's the same color as asphalt (then again so is most of my bike..)
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    yea i know what you mean.. im just wondering where the nearest course would be, and how much it might cost.. i know i had to take mandatory drivers ed here in MD to get my license, and it cost like 250 bucks... 2 hrs a night for.. 2 weeks i think.. but only 3 hrs of driving with an instructor. but anyways...

    yea about the naked bikes... heres a 2002 vtr 250

    i kinda like that.. everything is all sporty..but its uncovered like cruisers.. kinda reminds me of a ducati (i don't kno much about all kinds of bikes like i do with cars.. i just took a real interest in them lately)

    and heres what most 89 vtr's looked like (sorry if its big!)

    pretty damn :greddy: if u ask me.. but oh well. theres actaully one on ebay for 800 right now, but its got like 20k..and id haveto have it shipped. but its all perl blue and matches the seat, with the stock white rims.. pretty

    i really like this one tho, and im possitive its gotta be a custom paintjob..

    i really like the black rims tho, esp. cus they're simpler 3 spokes than stock

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