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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by JayFoxTrot, Sep 19, 2007.

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    I am 24. I am thinking about selling everything, buying a nice boat. And setting myself out to sea. What should I think of this mental freedom? I would like to just drift and end up somewhere. I am sure I will need a passport!
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    you just need a vacation from everything... i dunno how long u would last alone by yourself in the sea. I'd die thats for sure. :mamoru:
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    That's illegal in the contemporary world, unless you're Cuban.
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    I would plan it a lot more than you have. It can be done, but it takes a lot of skill and knowledge to successfully live at sea.

    As someone who has done it, you need to do a LOT more research, plan things a LOT better before you do this. I.e. you need destinations, you need to know morse code, you need to know how to operate a HAM radio, you need to know radio lingo, you need to be able to plot points on maps and read compasses to get there, you need to have gas and a motor on your boat in case you hit doldrums, you need to know what doldrums are, you need to know the etiquette if you see another boat at sea, you need someone up at all times manning the boat or you could hit a freighter.

    It's not just like Margaritaville or something. Those were some of the best memories of my life, but it's not to be taken lightly.
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    I know someone who did it, and what i can tell you is that you shouldn't start a family if you do it. The kids didn't appreciate daddy being out to sea all the time. Its do-able , in terms of passports i have no clue what you would need, you definitly need to be prepared, an emergency beacon,gps,lifevest and sattelite navigation is a must have, along with emergency supplies, emergency food + water. Radio, light flares, along with a definite way to make contact with the shore, accurate weather reports. And in the first period i wouldn't go too far from the shore , slowly letting yourself go, more and more detaching yourself from the land is the way to go.
  6. JayFoxTrot

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    If i make it, it will give me a new outlook on life, perhaps some direction

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