Thinking about overclocking my comp

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Sympathy, Jul 9, 2007.

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    All the automatic overclocking programs that I've seen violate the basic rule that clock speeds should be factors of each other, such as...

    AGP MHz: 66.7
    FSB MHz: 400 = 66.7 * 6
    RAM MHz: 800 = 400 * 2
    CPU MHz: 2400 = 800 * 3

    ...and so on. When you break this rule by changing clock speeds to whatever the highest stable speed is for each component, you dramatically increase the number of clock ticks that have to pass before any two components' clocks line up with each other to allow data to be exchanged.

    There's a reason why MHz-drag-racer machines aren't really all that useful in real life. If you want a screenshot with larger numbers than the next guy, go for it; otherwise, be content with the machine you have, because it's already been optimized by people who make a living designing computer parts.

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