Thinking of building a failmachine, I mean hackintosh

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by CodeX, Dec 6, 2008.

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    For my grandmother, she is 76 years old and would like to be able to keep in touch with her grandkids who have moved all around the country, and we would like her to not use all of our damn cell phone time...

    I thought too bad fisher price doesn't make PC's or I would probably get something like that but I figure a mac is close enough. Only thing is she is afraid to use the mouse... like she can't understand sliding it back and forth and ends up picking it up and pointing it at the screen and then gets pissed off and throws it, is there some alternative? I mean I know you basically don't even need it with the preschool GUI, since the mouse only has 1 button anyway its function must be pretty limited, but is there any other way, I was thinking touch screen would be best for this, any cheap full size touch screen monitors you know of? It would have to be big because the font size needs to be very large because she can barely see anything.

    I was also wondering if macs even give users any options that would changethe way the computer works at all, like if anything changes after I show her how to use it she would be totally lost and probably try to burn it thinking it was possessed or something, I figure there isnt even any way to change whats on the desktop or to move files around or anything like that anyway so I shouldn't have to worry about that right? I mean is it basically like you turn it on and then there are 3 giant buttons on your screen that say "E-MAIL" "INTERNET" and "KIDPIX"? Is there a way to disable everything but email? I mean the last thing I want to have to explain to her is files and folders and stuff but mac users don't even see those right? you just click on the program you want to run on that bar or whatever? Because if she sees a big list of files and folders she is just going to freak out and start tapping the screen wildly trying to kill them or something.

    Man, even with a mac I am sure this is going to be a pain in the ass trying to teach her to email people... any suggestions? I mean ideally she would press the power button, then email would come up, she would be able to choose between only the email addresses that I enter for her, and then she can type by pressing one key at a time while trying to find them on the keyboard, and then click send. It would be great if she couldn't even run any other programs or do anything else.
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    you're doing it wrong
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    i'm thinking of building a pc and shit son. windblows and shit to play games, pew pew pew. Mad 1337!!!
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    Give good old gram gram some arsenic. Problem solved.
  5. :mamoru:
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    i hear ubuntu is the new sexness

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