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    An old ex of mine have been hanging out recently; She just broke up with her boyfriend and I just broke up with my girlfriend. I figured we could just hang out as friends and hook up as she is only home for a few weeks before she goes back to college

    She's always had this REALLY weird deal going on, I always thought she liked being raped or something but she tells you "no" when you start to get things going but then asks why you stop. She did that when we dated 5 years ago. She's been around the block, I know she's had three somes and she's been dating black guys through college. Anyway, she's a complete fucking tease and it drives me nuts.

    The first time we hang out, we were fooling around but we stopped because she had her period. The second time around she completely wasn't interested in doing anything and after sitting in my spare room for 4 hours she went home at like 2am. I was pissed. Yes I tried to hook up with her but I'm not going to keep going when she says "no". She claims she does that because she is insecure about her body.

    So the third time we hang out, she blows me (she's pretty damn decent at it:wavey:) so I'm like okay, things are going well. so last night we hang out, she's got her ass hang out of her pants and she's sitting on my computer bent over. So obviously, I try to initiate something and she does the "no" shit again. So I finally say to her

    "look, I dno't know what you want from me, but I'm not gay. Obviously you have some sort of miss communication going on here because you're hanging out at my house alone at night, drinking with me, and showing me your ass. Girls don't do that if they have no interest in a guy (or the smart ones). Obviously if a girl is flaunting her shit around in my house, I'm going to want to have sex with her"

    So anyway, I told her that she probably blew me out of sympathy (to make her feel bad) and I guess I upset her feelings. But seriously, who is the more stupid one here?
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    p.s., I've been dating girls since I was about 8, so I'm not too good with this single shit. I've only slept with about 2 girls purely as a one night stand.
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    I'm sorry, but :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

    And just stop talking to her, she is prob just doing this for attention, and you are giving her what she wants.
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    so wait, what was her explanation?
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    i never understood putting in all that time and clearly being that close and then just blowing it up over something so small.

    Its funny how she said no to sex when it really didnt have much to do with sex :squint:
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    She's purposely screwing with your head man.

    If she's been around the block, and is having threesomes at college, but always tells you "no" after she flaunts herself around your house she obviously just likes the control and attention.

    When she's home from school you're that guy that brings up her self-esteem by always "wanting" her. This puts her in a personal situation of control. She likes it.

    I would just stop calling her. You're letting someone sit around your house, drink your booze, and cock-tease you all so every once in a while you get a pity blowjob? Have some pride.
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    Sometimes things cannot be any more plain and clear than they are.

    Does this make any sense to you?


    This isn't a case of retarded chick logic. It's a case of being an idiot. It's not LMR, it's not ASD, it's just plain retardation.

    You should next her right then and there.

    So for 5 years you've known she's crazy???

    You're obviously getting something out of the deal or you wouldn't keep talking to her.

    Why do you want to hang out with a crazy chick?

    That's almost like a weird version of the "hey guess what I want us to be more than friends!" speech :rofl:

    What you should've said was:

    "look, I don't know what the deal is with your mixed signals, but you should probably go home and call me when you figure out what you want. I don't have time for someone who doesn't even know what they want."

    Both of you.

    She obviously likes attention and is messed up in the head.

    You're putting up with it. By continuing to hang out with her you're telling her "it's ok for you to act like this, I will keep hanging out with you."
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    Since I'm not good at multi quoting (and I'm lazy), I'll answer the questions that I remember.

    1) I dated her 5 years ago. I broke up with her because I didn't really like her. I just started talking to her again and figured we'd hang out. She was weird back then and when I talked to her online before we hung out, she said she had gotten over that shit (getting all squirmy when a guy touches her). I've learned that she clearly hasn't

    2) I've hung out with her 4 times since she's been back. I hung out with her the second time because we hooked up and fooled around the first time. I hung out with her the third time because I figured she was just not in the mood the second time. Then she blew me, so I said "okay, obviously there is something here" and then the last time was when I told her to stop being an idiot. If I kept hanging out with her, I'd be an idiot, but really I had to hang out with her this much to realize she's still ridiculous

    3) I don't put black guys and threesomes in the same category but she gave me the impression she was dating them purely for sex. Which both in my opinion, make her slutty:wavey:

    4) No doesn't always mean no with this broad. Obviously, I stopped every time she said no. But when she asks me 'why did you stop?" It makes me believe these guys at college are douche bags who don't stop. I told her myself that she's giving men the wrong idea of what "no" means

    And yeah, I'm done fucking around with this shit. I just had to rant a little. Some people are just out there man

    You're probably right. I guarantee most guys avoid her crazy ass or she initiates things because they don't give her the time of day. Like I already said, I wasn't putting up with things for weeks or anything, I hung out with her 4 times total. Whatever

    She didn't really have one. I think when I went off on her (not yelling), she kind of got stunned and went quiet for the rest of the night. I felt bad about it but shit, don't have your ass hanging out if you don't want anything:ugh2:
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    i am so tired of crazy chicks :hs:
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    which is why I have always stuck to dating girls. It just makes things less complicated (ironically). Unfortunately, overtime, they become overbearing and you lose all your friends and are practically married
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    I know, black guys is worse. :ugh:

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