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Jul 22, 2006

I am looking for a Female Fishing Buddy. I love to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. I am 68. I am a widower. My GF does not like to go fishing. I am not looking for another GF. I have a great GF. We have been dating for over 8 years.
I have a really great offshore fishing boat.
I have a 22 foot 2019 Robalo R222 Center Console. It has a Yamaha 250 HorsePower four stroke motor that has about 140 hours on it. Wide Open Throttle is 43-44 miles per hour in calm seas. My boat motor is super reliable. I spent a ton of money buying this boat, storing it at a really great storage place for boats/RVs and maintaining it.
My boat Google- “22 foot 2019 Robalo R222 Center Console”. Click on images and you will see lots of photos of this make/model/year boat. It has a GPS Chart Plotter (helps you find the location (coordinates) that you want to go fishing at), a UHF Coast Guard Radio, lots of safety gear, etc. It has something called an "auto draining deck". That means that if a wave were to come over the side, the water would drain off the deck into the water because the deck is higher than the water line. The boat also has an automatic bilge pump. It has two 12 volt batteries, redundancy. You only use one battery at a time. This boat has real high gunnels (walls). I have never had a wave come over the side, the bow or the back of the boat. It has a real nice bench seat in the back of the boat. Look through the photos and you will get a real good idea of what this boat is like. I always wear a life vest when fishing. I have the kind that blow up automatically if they get wet (like if you go overboard).
It has a small head (bathroom) for changing or taking a pee. If you are less than five feet ten inches tall, you can stand up in the head. There is toilet seat on top of a five gallon bucket that you can use if you need to take a pee.
I do not go fast in rough weather. I always look at the offshore marine weather forecast for Steinhatchee. You can google "National Weather Service Marine Forecast FZUS52 KTAE".
If the waves are more than 1-2 feet, I don't go out.
My boat Google- “22 foot 2019 Robalo R222 Center Console”.

I store the out at Ultimate RV and Boat Storage (22211 W Newberry Rd, Newberry, FL 32669).
I usually go fishing on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays.
This may sound like an odd ad. I am not a weirdo.
So, Please tell me about who you are. So, please tell me something about yourself. I want to get a feel for who you are. Figure out if you and I would be a good fit on a daytime fishing trip out of Steinhatchee.
I have never been arrested, detained, jailed hand-cuffed or locked up in a patrol car. I have not had a speeding ticket in over 20 years.
I never keep fish that are referred to as 'shorts". Shorts are fish that are shorter than the legal length. I ALWAYS let the "shorts" go. Sometimes I keep fish that are "legal". Usually, I let almost all of the "legal" fish go and tell them "Thank You" for the pleasure of catching them and tell them that perhaps (if I am fortunate), I might catch them another day when they are longer. I know that sounds weird.

I like catching and keeping big toothy fish like King Mackerel. If you catch a large King Mackerel or a large Bonita, it is harder to feel sorry for them. They are "Ocean Going Pelagic" fish. That means that they live offshore. Large Ocean Going Pelagic Fish usually eat smaller fish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Large Red Fish are so beautiful. They are great fish to catch. If I catch a legal Red Fish, I just often look at them and tell them how beautiful they are and sort of feel sorry for them and let them go. I know that sounds strange. If I were to take the money I spend/have spent to buy, store, insure and maintain my boat and my SUV and divide it by the pounds of legal fish that I catch and take home on an annual basis, it would probably cost tens of thousands of dollars per pound. The point in going fishing is going fishing. They don't call it "catching". It is more about the experience of going.
I have lots of rods, reels, fishing tackle, etc. Way more than I need. I will pay for all of the gas for the boat and the SUV, all of the bait, etc. I will even buy a fishing license for you. The fishing trip will cost you nothing other than the sandwich you bring to eat. I usually get a sub from Publix to take along on the fishing trip. Heck, maybe you will make or buy a sandwich or sub for me.

I don't normally drink any alcohol. Maybe a beer every other year. I gave up alcohol about twenty years ago and find that I like like more that way. The only drugs I take are the ones that my doctors prescribe for me.
I am able to launch my boat and get it back on the trailer by myself. I had a long stay in the hospital about three years ago and I walk like a person who has had a stroke. I used to ride large motorcycles. I don't do that anymore. I always attach the lanyard for the kill switch to my life jacket. That way, if I were to fall down or walk away from the steering wheel, the motor would shut off automatically.
This ad has gotten way too long.
If you want some references, I can give you lots including the Manager of the large grocery store I frequent.
I have tested negative for COVID on several occasions. I don't wear a face mask while fishing. I do wear a face mask while in the car with people that I do not hang out with. The only people who I hang out with are my GF and my adult daughter. She is a student at the University. I work full time. I have worked for UF for over 20 years.

I pull the Robalo with a new "2020 Ford Expedition MAX Platinum". I have included a few photos of the Ford. Google "2020 Ford Expedition MAX Platinum", then click on "Images" and you see what my Ford looks like (it's white).

I typically launch the boat at the pubic ramp in Steinhatchee and head out into the Gulf. You can get to deeper water fairly quickly out of Steinhatchee. Hitting something in shallow water is an expensive experience. Believe me, I have been there, done that.

I go fishing by myself a lot. I like fishing by myself. I also like going fishing with women.

I really enjoy the entire process of getting ready to go fishing, hooking up the boat to the SUV, driving to the coast, buying some bait, launching the boat, riding out to a fishing hole, fishing, riding back, putting the boat back on the trailer, stopping at the Suwannee River on the way back and putting the boat into the river and cranking up the engine and washing out the engine, and washing off the boat and cleaning the boat out and leaving the boat at the Boat RV storage company with the automatic charging system plugged into the 110 volt AC outlet that the boat storage place provides. I usually have two spare tires, a floor jack and an impact wrench with me. Flares (in date), a flare gun, whistles, a handheld Coast Guard radio that alerts the Coast Guard (in St Pete) if it falls overboard and gets wet. They have a fast helicopter. Future purchases will include a radar unit mounted on the T Top and a Satellite Phone.

Well, this ad has gotten way too long. I am on FB if you want to know more about me. I will pay you cash at the end of the day. Ten dollars an hour. We can have coffee at Starbucks as a way of checking each other out. I often walk with a cane. I often walk without using a cane. I have not fallen down in over a year. I had a spinal cord injury in the Fall of 2017. I lost a lot of cognitive function. I think that most of it (my cognitive function) is back.
I have traveled all over the US, Canada, Nova Scotia, Western Europe (Germany, the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Macedonia, France etc.) I have not been to Russia, South America, etc. I have been to China, India, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Being home is what I like best now. I have owned my own house for many years. I am debt free. I am not rich. I am just not in debt. I grew up in a middle class family. I am not looking for a new GF. I like the one that I have had for many years a lot. The only down side to my GF is that she does not like to go fishing.
This must sound like a really weird ad. I am not a weirdo. Thanks. J.

From Wiki- Pelagic fish can be categorized as coastal and oceanic fish, based on the depth of the water they inhabit. Coastal pelagic fish inhabit sunlit waters up to about 655 feet deep, typically above the continental shelf.
Examples of species include forage fish such as anchovies, sardines, shad, and menhaden and the predatory fish that feed on them. Oceanic pelagic fish typically inhabit waters below the continental shelf. Examples of large Oceanic pelagic fish include swordfish, tuna, King (and Spanish) mackerel, and even sharks. Large Oceanic Pelagic Fish such as Swordfish, Tuna, Mackerel, Sharks often have elevated concentrations of Methyl Mercury. Not a good thing for pregnant women. Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, etc are not things that are good for you. They tend to depress your IQ. I like my IQ.
I am a tiny bit over six feet (I have gotten shorter as I have gotten older). I weigh about 225, down from a high of 265. I would love to get back down to my high school weight of 195. Everyone has goals.

There is no distinct boundary from coastal to ocean waters so some oceanic fish become partial residents of coastal waters, often during different stages of their lifecycle. However, true oceanic species spend their entire life in the open ocean.

"Looking back at how the death of Karen Wetterhahn changed lab safety."

When her pipette spilled one or two droplets onto her left-hand glove, chemistry professor Karen Wetterhahn was not especially concerned. After all, she had adhered to the safety regulations involving dimethylmercury. She was wearing a lab coat, along with goggles and disposable latex gloves. And, as the substance poses a risk through inhalation, she undertook the transfer beneath a fume hood.

The minuscule spill of this clear liquid had caused her no pain or any other sensation, and she had no reason to think the incident was serious. Besides, her work was too important to spend much time indulging any fears: Wetterhahn, the first female chemistry professor at Dartmouth College, US, had obtained the largest research grant in her school’s history to study and elucidate how heavy metals impact human health.1 Tragically, they would soon impact her own.

The accident
On 14 August 1996, Wetterhahn had been preparing mercury samples for NMR spectroscopy. ‘The dimethylmercury was the standard of choice for mercury NMR since it is a pure “neat” liquid, so you did not have to worry about concentration or pH effects that may give spurious chemical shifts,’ says Kent Sugden. Now a professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Montana, US, in 1996 Sugden was a research associate at Dartmouth. He had made NMR standards of nontoxic mercury salts for Wetterhahn, but when she did not get the expected results she went back to using dimethylmercury to confirm her findings. He describes her as ‘a very thorough chemist’.

A portrait of Karen Wetterhahn
Source: Courtesy of Dartmouth College Library
Karen Wetterhahn’s death saw a massive reappraisal of dimethylmercury safety precautions
In January 1997, Wetterhahn began to notice tingling in her lower extremities. Even more alarming, she began to stumble while walking, her speech began to slur and her sight and hearing were impacted. After visiting hospital, she received a diagnosis of severe mercury toxicity. It was only then she remembered the spilled droplets; she had been unaware the substance had permeated her glove and seeped into her skin. The toxic threshold for human mercury content is 50µg/L. Wetterhahn’s exposure was around 80 times greater, at 4mg/L.

Few people in the world understood toxic metals as well as Wetterhahn did. She knew that, upon permeating the skin, dimethylmercury had a terminal destination: her brain. She commenced a treatment known as chelation therapy, which sought to convert the mercury within her body into a substance that she could excrete. However, it is easier for the body to expel mercury salts than dimethylmercury and, five months after exposure, the chance of any therapy working was slim. As her senses continued to diminish, she exhorted her department chairman to alarm persons in their line of work about the extreme hazards of dimethylmercury.

In early February 1997, just three weeks after the appearance of symptoms, Wetterhahn descended into a coma. She remained in a vegetative state until she died on 8 June 1997, aged 48, leaving behind a husband and two children.


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Mar 16, 2000


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Nov 15, 2001
Just an old guy looking for a fishing buddy, a little weird he wants a female but maybe he feels safer among women since he's had medical issues, or he wants to rape women and throw them overboard.

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Mar 14, 2006
If you want some references, I can give you lots including the Manager of the large grocery store I frequent.

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