this is a badass action movie from 2002-2005.. somewhere there...

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  1. i need help figuring which movie this is.

    last shot. no i am not mixing up movies and no it is not a tv movie.

    between 2002-2005, action movie could be a little older like very late 1990s
    white guy young, middle late 20's to early 30's

    average dude is mistaken for an undercover agent by the "mob" (not sure if its the mob) and they go after him wanting the briefcase. they try to kill him but he gets away and starts killing some of them. some big ass crazy biker looking motha fucka thats been after him calls him and tells him hes at his wife's (fiance?) house, he hangs up and rapes his bitch and then kills her. in the story you find out the agent was already been dead, and the innocent guy doesnt know what the fuck theyre talking about except they want the briefcase and hte madness wont end till he gives it to them. so in the end he arranges to meet them ( some dessert open area but theyres plateaus in the background where there are snipers ready to take him out) wit hthe notion of just giving up and letting htem kill him. then his friend (black guy?) sneaks up on the sniper takes him out and then uses the rifle to take the bad guys out. i think the movie is a title with two words... soemthing in the sense of a guys life getting flipped upside down .. not sure though
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    Oh, Falling History of Violence? Fuck...Enemy of the State!

    That rape scene is SO HOT
  3. nope none of those.... damn somebody...
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  5. nope, no winner

    A BETTER WAY TO DIE. thats the name

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