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Paul Walton jailed for bestiality with neighbour’s Kelpie

A man who stole his neighbours’ dog before committing appalling sexual acts on it has been unable to explain why he did it.


Paul Walton pleaded guilty on Monday to stealing his neighbour's Kelpie cross and taking it to his caravan for sexual penetration in April this year. Picture: Source:Facebook

WARNING: Disturbing

A man who stole his neighbour’s dog to commit a sex act on it has been unable to explain why he did it.

Paul Brian Walton was sentenced to 12 months’ prison combined with a two-and-a-half year community correction order by the County Court of Victoria on Friday.

He had pleaded guilty to bestiality, animal cruelty, theft and drug possession over his actions in April this year.

The court heard the 53-year-old said in an assessment, “I don’t want it to keep happening.”

He “could not offer any insight into why he acted on his impulses”.

On April 6 Walton stole a 12-year-old Kelpie cross named Gemma from a neighbouring farm.


Police rescued the “visibly distressed” animal from Walton’s caravan at Ardmona near Shepparton the next day.

Pornography was playing on a television when police arrived.

They also found five grams of cannabis.

Judge Wraight said Walton stole the dog “to commit what can only be described as a serious act of animal cruelty”.

The 53-year-old had only been released from jail a few months earlier.

He was previously convicted for “very similar” offences involving three dogs.

Judge Wraight said Walton bore “assaults and harassment” in jail, “even within the sex offenders’ unit”.

The court heard he had also received social media threats since reporting of his last court appearance.

Judge Wraight ordered he undertake treatment and rehabilitation as conditions of his community corrections order.


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