This protein powder any good?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by DB83, Feb 24, 2005.

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    Well it's hard to find protein powder cheap in Aus. :hs:

    I found this site, and their bulk whey protein concerntrate is the cheapest I have seen anywhere (by far). Here's the nutrional information... is this powder good or shit? Should I spend my hard earned on it?

    Typical Composition
    Protein 81-83%
    Moisture 5.0%
    Fat 8.0%
    Ash 3.0%
    Lactose 5.0%

    Typical Physical Properties
    Colour: Cream
    Flavour: Clean
    Scorched particles (50g): Disc A

    Typical Microbiological Estimates
    Standard Plate Count (cfu/g): <30,000
    Salmonella (/375g): Not detected
    Yeasts and moulds (cfu/g): <50
    Coliforms (/g): Not detected
    E. Coll. (/g): Not detected
    Coagulase Positive Staphylococci (/g): Not detected

    Amino Acid Profile
    Amino Acids per 100g Protein Branch Chain Amino Acids
    Isoleucine 5.4g
    Leucine 12.0g
    Valine 5.0g

    Other Essential Amino Acids
    Lysine 9.1g
    Methionine 2.1g
    Phenylalanine 3.4g
    Threonine 5.4g
    Tryptophan 2.8g

    Other Amino Acids
    Alanine 4.6g
    Arginine 3.5g
    Aspartate 10.8g
    Cystine 1.7g
    Glutamate 16.4g
    Glycine 1.9g
    Histidine 1.8g
    Proline 5.0g
    Serine 5.4g
    Tyrosine 3.7g
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