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    I was dating this girl for about a month. At first I was really attracted to her but it was starting to fade a little. Flash forward to a month ago and she walks in on me and one of my best friends(girl) of 3.5 years making out. We ended up hooking up that night (no sex though).

    Since then i've broken up with my gf (obviously). The day after we hooked up the girl I hooked up with texted me saying that "because we are friends she could tell me - I was really good" The hookup and I have kept things strictly friendly for the past month or so.

    Tonite. I happen to glance at my phone - text from the hookup 1215am "Wanna come over and fool around just cuz we can?" I said yes and threw in a refference to something we had talked about how 'lets watch a movie' = hookup. she says "haha. Well i'm kinda tired. Call me in 5 and see if I'm awake" *edit - i texted her back within 2 minutes of her first text*

    I called. No answer. I texted her "you're a tease. Night"

    What the fuck? This girl clearly crosses the just friends line and says she wants me to come over and 'fool around', yet either falls asleep or doesnt answer the call. Taken as I was completely thrown off by her advance (not that I didnt want to or thought she might have wanted to) I have no idea what to think. I would like to just be fuck buddies and think it could work relatively well given our relationship.
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    She was obviously just teasing you (that's why she said call me in 5)

    Next time you two hang out, there is definitely the potential for hooking up, just remember she likes to tease though so adjust your gameplan accordingly.

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