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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by familyguy101, Feb 11, 2007.

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    Dec 19, 2004
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    I had 3 cousins come over from Europe to live here. None of them speak english very well. 2 are guys, and the last one is a girl. They are all my age, and they don't know anybody here. So they looked to me as their lifeline. I guess they were expecting me to be a guide for them, take them out at night, introduce them to my friends, etc.. I guess by now they know that I really don't have any friends and they pretty much just sit around and watch T.V all day. I see their disappointed looks and I want to cry for being such a failure at life. I wonder if I single handedly destroyed all their hopes of coming to America and having fun?

    I must also add that I am a bad conversationalist, so even I can't entertain them. i bet they think I'm a freak, or at least that i'm weird.
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    Jesus dude, stop being so down on yourself. They spent one night with you. Do you think they are going to base all of their assumptions about you from one night?

    And if all you do is sit around and watch tv all day...turn off the tv, go out go bowling, go to a bar, club, bookstore, cafe whatever. A lot of what you listed is entirely under your control.

    And consider seeing a doc if you think it is really that bad.

    You are not a horrible person, no matter what you think.
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    I dont know how old you are, but just go up to a bar or soemthing. Get some liquor in you, and go from there. You meet people + have a decent time
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    You have zero friends???
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    another excuse
    What yousee yourself as is not the real you. I have the same problem at times, as I'm sure almost everyone does. The paradigm of yourself currently needs to be changed - think of the great things you can do... or even the little things! Are you kind? You're obviously somewhat literate. Do you enjoy any sports? The absolute worst thing to do right now is send up the white flag.

    Just remember, you are you. The only person you should be trying to prove something to is yourself. Keep your head up, you got a lot more going for you than you think :)
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    You have no friends eh?

    Apparently you have 3 new friends buddy.

    How about going to movies and hanging out with them?

    Stop trying to make things so idealistic. They came over, just take them out to places to see things.

    Movies, shopping, walking. Can you speak to them? Bullshit about being a "bad conversationalist"... ugh dude they came from Europe there is a million things you can ask them.

    You just ask questions. There are three people with three different opinions.

    Stop making things harder then they are, in your mind.

    And start using that mind in a productive manner that will entertain them.

    Just GO somewhere, do something. Not hard. You are making it hard though.
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    Do a search and find out where the scenic areas in your location are. Everytime my hubby and I have out of town company or family we always drive them around town one day to show them where the hot spots are. Another day do a scenic drive up north, the next day shopping, the next day some activity like go to movies, or hiking (we're just a mile away from a nice mountain trail).

    OR find out what their interests are and look into places/things to do in your area that would interest them. Go along for the fun.

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