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    I've browsed through some of the threads and commented on a few as well...there seems to be a lot of posters who have self-esteem issues.

    I've had a couple of sales positions in the past, and these were positions with very high rejection rates. One was a consulting company and part of their training was to read the following book:


    It not only taught different sales-techniques, but also spent a lot of time going through how to deal with "rejection." bottom line is in sales-type positions, you get shot down A LOT and if you don't learn to handle that rejection, it can really weigh on you. it teaches you ways you can "compartmentalize" different parts of your life. everyone has several different "roles" they play, and even though you may have a bad day in your role as a "student/employee/friend/etc." it doesn't define who you are as a person.

    anyway, it's a pretty interesting read, even if you're not a sales-person. maybe it can help someone out that's having a tough time with their perspective on life.

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    I also recommend "Getting To Yes." It doesn't help you deal with rejection, it helps you avoid rejection by using principled negotiation.

    If you say "I want red" and I say "I want black" then any compromise seems like neither of us will get what we want. What the book helps with is learning *why* people want what they want, and helps you get to the root of it so you can both get what you want.

    Highly recommend.
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    how to win friends and influence people

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