A&P Thought of selling your prints at the local Farmer's Market?

Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by NSX, Sep 19, 2009.

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    none yo'
    So I was at a Farmer's Market today grabbing a bite to eat and I thought of maybe selling some prints of my work at this site. I saw a couple of painters selling their work so I thought, why not? No one else was selling photographs.

    Anyone here with experience with this? Is it worth the effort? :wiggle:
  2. themolsen

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    Sep 29, 2006
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    Jacksonville, FL
    Definitely. If nothing else, you meet cool people. Great opp. to hand out your card/information, sell a few prints, drum up some business, etc.
  3. Creator

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    Sep 27, 2001
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    I wonder how much it costs to setup a booth at one?
  4. EWhytsell

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    Jun 16, 2008
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    Not usually more than $10-20 dollars for about 10x20 ft space around Ohio.

    I've set up at the annual ones before and they can cost more depending on the amount of demand. I've sold a few prints of local historic sites, landscapes, and booked some sessions from them (hehe well my wife does anyway since she's the super sales woman.)
  5. someonenew

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    Aug 27, 2002
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    Houston, Texas
    a guy here in tow was doing it at the weekly flea market, he found that it was basically a wash if not a loss in most cases. You have to charge a lot more than your normal costs to offset the cost of the table/booth you pay for.

    you may find differeing information, but good luck
  6. rambutt

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    May 8, 2008
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    how much would you make on a average?
  7. Tensai81

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    Dec 13, 2003
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    Beautiful South Orlaaaaaaando
    :cool: didn't think about this...may try it one weekend if I get motivated to print out some stuff. Here's the local flea market down the road from me

    Inside Perimeter
    Park behind booths with garage door
    Bldg B,C,D,E,F,M,N,&O(securable)
    X – securable center core (No Park)
    $ 32.00 per day
    $ 62.80 per weekend
    $ 241.15 4 weekend month
    $ 301.45 5 weekend month

    Inside Middle Aisle
    Booths in the middle aisle of Bldg
    Bldg B,C,D,E,F,M,N,&O (securable)
    $ 30.85 per day
    $ 60.60 per weekend
    $ 232.70 4 weekend month
    $ 290.90 5 weekend month

    Enclosed Canopy
    Canopy roof and back gate
    Buildings J & P (securable)
    $ 27.00 per day
    $ 53.00 per weekend
    $ 203.50 4 weekend month
    $ 254.40 5 weekend month

    Center Core
    Wall Space – Middle of Bldg.
    Building X (not securable)
    $ 24.95 per day
    $ 49.10 per weekend
    $ 188.55 4 weekend month
    $ 235.70 5 weekend month

    A-Outside Covered
    Park behind booths no back door
    Building A (securable)
    $ 25.60 per day
    $ 50.30 per weekend
    $ 193.15 4 weekend month
    $ 241.45 5 weekend month

    A-Middle Aisle
    Booths in middle of building A
    Building A (securable)
    $ 25.25 per day
    $ 49.60 per weekend
    $ 190.45 4 weekend month
    $ 238.10 5 weekend month

    Outdoor Browseway
    Canopy cover with park behind
    Building “L” (not securable)
    $ 21.35 per day
    $ 42.00 per weekend
    $ 161.30 4 weekend month
    $ 201.60 5 weekend month

    G-Outside Covered
    Metal roof with open sides
    Building G (securable)
    $ 21.35 per day
    $ 42.00 per weekend
    $ 161.30 4 weekend month
    $ 201.60 5 weekend month

    J and K Uncovered
    YARD SALE - End of Building J
    $ 16.00 per weekend (Sat. & Sun.)
    Includes one table per 10’x 10’
    rented space
    YARD SALE: YARD SALES on uncovered Section “J” and “K” will be held twice a month on the second full weekend and fourth
    weekend, rain or shine. The price is $16.00 (+TAX) per 10’ X 10’ space per day or for the entire weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
    Everything sold at the Yard Sale must be a used item (NO NEW ITEMS ARE ALLOWED – NO EXCEPTIONS). One 8’ X 2’ table
    is furnished. Additional tables are available for $2.00 (+TAX) per table per day, or bring your own table(s). No advance notice is
    needed, but it is recommended that a space be secured any time after the prior yard sale; the same space(s) can be renewed by
    prepaying by 5:00 pm. SUNDAY. No refunds are given due to inclement weather after 10:00 a.m. However, in the event of a complete
    weekend rain out a credit toward the next yard sale will be given if a request is made the weekend of the rainout. If you choose, you
    may apply the rate you paid toward another booth if available somewhere else in the market.
    · Any PARK BEHIND space used as store front instead of parking is one half the booth rate (+ TAX).
    · Rates Printed Above DO NOT INCLUDE SALES TAX (7%) On The Rent
    · TO RENEW ALL RENT MUST BE PREPAID BY SUN at 5:00 pm. Late fees are $10.00 per booth/per day,
    which includes each office business day (Mon., Fri., Sat., Sun.) - NO EXCEPTIONS
    BOOTH SIZES: All wings with the exception of “P”, “J”, & “K” are 10’ X 12.5
    (125 sq. ft.) “P”, “J”, & “K” are 10’ X 10’ (100 sq. ft.)
    TABLES: Each booth, including yard sale, is supplied with one 8’ X 2’ table.
    Additional tables may be rented at $2.00 (+TAX) per table per day.
    ELECTRICITY: Power access is available at $2.00 (+TAX) per 5 amps usage per day/per

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