MIL Thoughts on the CAR and indirect fire

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Should the CAR be awarded for indirect fire?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. They should make a new ribbon for Indirect Fire

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  1. Lad

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    Presently there is not set in stone writing about the Cmbat Action Ribbon (CAR) and indirect fire. However, a lot more people are seeing indirect fire these days then face to face combat. What do you all think about it..... Should personel who recieve indirect fire (mortaring and IEDs) be awarded the CAR? Or should perhaps the military make a new ribbon with the same weight as the CAR but for Indirect fire?.....
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    the places in between
    The Combat Patch concept kind of does the same thing, doesn't it? It doesn't say that you have recieved indirect fire, but it does say that you've been in a combat zone.

    edit: :doh: I voted for a new ribbon, but meant to vote "no"
  3. Lad

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    :doh: lol and thats the second post I made about it.... bleh.... And for Marines, we only get a CAR for recieving enemy fire, and taking proper recourse. However, there is no correct action for incoming, or IED.

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