Thoughts: Porsche 968s.

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Chapel, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Chapel

    Chapel Guest

    I've been thinking, once I get a new job, Im gonna replace my daily driver (Pontiac Grand Am) with a Porsche 968 6spd

    Anyone here had any experience with them?

    I know alot of the technical details and reliability info on them, just want some other people's thoughts on it.
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  2. Chapel

    Chapel Guest

    no more expensive to fix than a 944 S2
    much less expensive to fix than a 951/944 Turbo
    much EASIER to fix than a 951 (IE I could wrench the clutch myself)
  3. waspride

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    Sep 30, 2003
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    Cape Cod
    poor mans porsche...even worse then the boxter, but any car is better than a grand am.
  4. Chapel

    Chapel Guest

    Boxster.... yech.
  5. Chapel

    Chapel Guest

    I just cant get over the looks
    and I hate roadsters.

    However, the Boxster Coupe looks pretty cool, but I doubt I'll be able to afford one.
  6. DK

    DK New Member

    May 25, 2003
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    well said. regularly driving a boxster i can say its one sweet handling car and definetely the best i have driven myself. though i have to admit that i have only driven 20 or so diff cars ever since i got my license.
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  7. Chapel

    Chapel Guest

    actually, if you look at most comparos back between 1992 and 1996, the 968 was just as fast and handled better than a 964 C2 and 993 C2
    the 968 is considered to be one of the best handling cars ever made and at the same time was considered even better when optioned with the M030 handling package and LSD.
  8. F1fan

    F1fan Guest

    The 968 is the pinnacle of the 924/944/968 development as far as refinement and modernization is concerned. It is a superbly balanced chassis that has great handling characteristics. The car will not be any more expensive to maintain than any of the 944 varieties, however all of these cars suffer from expensive parts and high labor cost. It does not have the all out potential of the 951 as far as modifications go but in stock form it is as quick as a stock 951. Arguably it exhibits better around town performance than the 951 because of the larger displacement and more low end torque. The 968 is more modern than any other of the 944 cars. Additionally since its production run went further into the 90’s you can get a much newer car. However, it production numbers were limited and therefore finding the right car for the right price could be challenging.
  9. Chapel

    Chapel Guest

    yeah, finding an M030 equipped car is turning out to be an exercise in patience (which I have plenty of)

    Id rather have the reliability and wrenchability that the 968 offers. The 951 is a pain in the ass to work on. Ask any good Porsche mechanic and they'll tell you the 951 is a totally different beast to wrench on than a normally aspirated 944 or 968.

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