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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ÆNIMA, Mar 9, 2002.

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    I have never been much of a fan of console gaming, though a recent chance at a game while at a friends house might have turned a new leaf for me. The game, as I recall it was called "Time Crisis II, and has me seriously considering buying a PS2 for this game alone. On the other hand, I do believe the X-Box is superior as far as harware is concerned and am curoious wether or not a game similar if not identical will be coming out for that system? Meaning, will there be another game in which an IR "gun" is used as a controller with comparable graphics and accuracy?

    Also, what advantages might either system have over one another with this type of game? (meaning the ability to correlate and track where the "gun" controller is aiming)

    Thanks in advance....
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    The GunCon/GunCon II (the gun controllers used with the PS/PS2 Time Crisis games) controllers are widely regarded as some of the best/most accurate console guns around. I kinda doubt MS will go down the arcade shooter road...gun controllers are notoriously not politically correct. For example, the US GunCon II's are bright orange as opposed to the Japanese ones which were black, and finding the gray GunCon's is somewhat rare now...also, if you look at Sega and the DC they only released their first-party gun controllers in Japan (the 3rd party Mad Catz guns I got for my DC have *crap* for accuracy compared to my GunCons).

    If you really like the "true" shooter type of game, I'd say PS2 would be the way to go because you not only can get Time Crisis 2 and Vampire Night (the other PS2 shooter out right now), you can also play the great PS1 shooter's like all 3 Point Blanks, Time Crisis, and Elemental Gearbolt (there's a few others too that I can't remember).

    Plus, IMO, the PS2 just has more all around great games (I can list if you'd like :big grin: ), whereas the X-Box just has Halo and...umm...well yeah that's pretty much it :rofl:

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