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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by verbal, Jan 6, 2008.

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    1. I'm about to use my old external drive for Time Machine. I thought I'd be able to tell Time Machine when to backup manually-- only when I want it to. But I just found it does it automatically at certain times. That's great, but I'm not going to have my Time Machine drive plugged in all the time. So how does it work in that case?

    2. Since Time Machine is a "smart" backup program. When does it delete older backups or how does it decide what to delete when it needs more space for a new backup? For example, right now my PowerBook drive is almost totally full cause I've been downloading a 56 gig torrent. As soon as that's done I'll be moving it off the drive. If I backup now, that'll take up too much space on my Time Machine drive. But if I do backup now, when will it decide it can be deleted?
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    Read that.

    It backs up when it can. It's an hourly deal, so as long as your comp is plugged into the drive for one of those hour marks it'll back up any files that are not backed up already.

    For your download, you can choose to exclude that folder, and then it won't back it up... Mine excludes my music, my downloads, my movies, and my "temp" folder so that useless stuff doesn't end up on my Time Machine drive.

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