TAT titanium mesh, support for breasts

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    from gizmodo http://www.gizmodo.com/archives/titanium-mesh-titties-017101.php

    While metallic pleasure bots are high, high up on the lists of gadgets we'd like to see in the near future, we're not so sure that implanting titanium mesh under the breasts of women is the way to get the party started. Nein, der boobenkreiger ist gut, says Dr. Ziya Saylan, a German doctor who has developed the technique that over two dozen women have already tried. The idea is that the titanium will hold up the huge breast implants, preventing the sagging that many older women are getting implants to correct in the first place. If anyone has a picture of the implants, we'd love to see them (outside of the breasts, if you please).
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    Update: Reader Stoffel Van Eeckhoudt sent this link to the home page of the procedure that has ample pictures of both the mesh and of women's breasts both before and after the procedure. It's NSFW, unless you work in a country where the sight of womens' jububbles doesn't cause enduring national scandal.
    Read - Kosmetische Operationen [Saylan]
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    holy shit, robo boobies.

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