SPORTS Tito calls Rashad a "...showboating nappy-headed ho."


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Jul 10, 2005
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Robert Roveta | Denaro Sports | October 2008

Shortly after our pre coverage on UFC 89: Bisping vs. Leben, we spoke to former UFC Light Heavyweight champion, Tito Ortiz. Tito Ortiz discussed key events with Robert Roveta such as Rashad's huge upset victory over Chuck Liddell, Evans and Griffin fighting for the title, and Evan Tanner's passing.

RR: All right, we're here with the Huntington Beach Bad Boy, Tito Ortiz. Ortiz, thanks for being here. Before we start, I want to congratulate you on Ms. Jameson's pregnancy.

TO: Thanks man. I'm really glad that things are working out so great between me and Jenna. She's the love of my life and I'm expecting twins in early 2009. I can't wait.

RR: You probably know that one of the questions I'm gonna ask you is what you probably get in every interview. Where are you fighting next? (Laughs)

TO: (Laughs) Truth is, man, nothing is finalized. I said it before and I'll say it always. I gave my heart and soul to the UFC and I got nothing positive in return. I'm in talks with multiple organizations and it comes down to management and whatever works best for me. I don't expect anything to be finalized before the end of the year.

RR: Tell us how training is going.

TO: Training is going great. Of course I'm gonna have to put that on hold for a little because I got my kids on the way. I expect to be kicking someone's ass by June next year.

RR: As you know, Tito, we did a lot of coverage on Evan Tanner's passing. You did fight him a while back. Tell us how you feel on his passing.

TO: It's sad, man. It's real sad. He's another person that paid his dues in the UFC. But where's Dana in on all this? Where's the dedication? I just saw a short tribute clip on the UFC homepage ( and that was total trash. It was like a forced obligation. I haven't seen any mention of him on any UFC events after his death. What a way to characterize yourself, Dana. You can't even pay homage and respect to one of your former champions properly. It's pathetic that there are videos on YouTube that have better Evan Tanner tributes than the UFC. Dana is a selfish imbecile.

RR: Recently, Evans knocked out Chuck Liddell and now he's fighting Forrest for the title. You fought all three guys. Give us your thoughts on the whole scenario.

TO: What scenario? It's Dana's plan gone wrong. I know that Liddell was brought in to beat Evans so he can fight Forrest for the title. You don't tell a fighter who's just had a hamstring injury to come back after three months so you can have good ratings. You need at least five months time to heal after a hamstring injury. I know Chuck very well and I know that he did it for a favor to Dana. Chuck doesn't duck anyone and he's a real fighter but if you wanna be Dana's muppet, then you gotta learn the hard way and Chuck did just that. I'm not discrediting Evans, but he should dance around like a jackass just how he did after he beat Chuck. When you fight someone injured and they won't even say how bad their situation is and you throw the luckiest punch of your life, yeah man, go. Dance around like a (expletive) showboating nappy-headed ho. Because that's what you are, Rashad. He got lucky with me and he got even more lucky with Chuck. I don't see him getting lucky with Forrest. I think Forrest is gonna take him to school.

RR: Thanks so much for being here with us, Tito. Any thing you wanna say to our readers?

TO: It was my pleasure, man and thank you for having me. I just wanna say that there are a lot of new gears and equipment coming out for the Punishment Athletics clothesline. Tune in to my website at and support your favorite Huntington Beach Bad Boy!


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