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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by Socialist, Aug 14, 2004.

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    All righty then......this game shall continue for decades to come. We'll just see how long you will keep this up. My guess, NOT VERY LONG. As I have stated before many many times, I have ONE username that I use to stay on OT whatever might happen. Its a username I use when Im actually good people, which explains why I was not banned from it. Maybe in a year or so I will reveal it, who knows. This is just a little game of mine to piss you people off...and almost ALL of you caught the bait, AS EXPECTED. HHAHAHAHAH.....well of course its cannot expect more from "americans" at all. Now laugh at yourself NOVA......please do. I WILL ALWAYS FUCKING COME BACK, well I never really left OT in the first place. Balkanbabe...........go ahead and swear in bold capital letters, its your devine right. You and me and other Euros are majestic Europeans and we are above these animals here. If you are banned as can always come back. If anyone has personal information on NOVAJock, cedric, fazzle, Sonic and SamGamgee309, please send me an email to [email protected] information will most certainly be rewarded. We'll see each other again...........soon(whispers), hahahahahahahahahah!
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    All of you have to realize that NOVAJock is the slowest moderator ever. Im surprised that piece of slime called Fazzle did not realize this before.

    Adieu my friends, FOR NOW. I shall return YET AGAIN.:wavey:
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