SRS today i will quit smoking

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by M-1000, Jun 5, 2004.

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    i have half a pack left. that will be gone by tonight and after that im going smoke free. i know it is going to be extremly difficult. ive been smoking for just over a year now (and dont think its easy to quit after only a year). i smoke two packs in around four days. that takes way too much money from my bank account which could be spend on much more useful things than thin paper, fibreglass and tobacco.

    i have a way of seeing things. im going to die someday and i dont really care how. i dont care if i die of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, or any of that shit they have on the warning pictures on cigarette packs. thats a consequence one must take for smoking.

    i apologise if some of this doesnt make sense (spelling/grammar errors). its 2:30 in the morning, ive gotten very little sleep in the past few days, i just worked 9 hours in a restaurant and im very, very tired.

    but i want to play minor hockey again in the fall. hockey camp starts at the end of june. one night a week for an hour and a half right till the end of august. i havnt noticed any difference in my cardio abilities but i know its not as good as it could or used to be.

    aside from that, smoking costs too much money. i dont make enough money to be financially secure to spend what is close to $150/month for cigarettes. they cost $10.xx/pack here. i dont know what prices are around north america though. not like that has anything to do with my descision to quit smoking.

    this is going to be a long, hard road to recovery. i know one thing though. once a smoker... always a smoker. i could be smoke free for months, and i could break down and have one cigarette and id be, well, fucked. i get extremly edgy when my blood is running low on fucking nicotine.

    the only reason i started smoking in the first place was because i find my job to be quite stressful at times. a smoke makes me relaxed and i can deal with things for a while again. aside from being addicted as well. i have no plans to quit my job. i love my job so much that i would be willing to work and not get paid. but i know if i didnt work where i am i would find it much easier to quit smoking. it doesnt help when 60% of the staff smokes (typical restaurant).

    in a sense i am asking for help to swear off smoking, and im also just letting the people that read this forum know that there is one less person in the world who will be smoke free at the end of today. i will keep casual updates of my progess. i will do my best to quit, and as i have said already i know its going to be very hard
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    good luck, really. a lot of people say the patch or gum helps a lot... best of luck to you! set an example for me :hs:
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    You can do it. If you falter, don't be hard on yourself. It would be best to quit completely, but you are still doing fine if you just lower your consumption. Moderation is the key.
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    cant stop wont stop

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