SRS took my first step today!

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by leighbee, Oct 4, 2004.

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    Jan 29, 2004
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    [font=verdana, arial, helvetica]well, you might not know. but i smoke about a pack a day. NO GOOD. and i know this. I find it hard as hell to breathe when walking to and from class and just walking up a flight of stairs. I've been smoking solidly for about a year and a half. well today i decided to take the first step. I had heard that the health center on campus gives students "the patch" for free. well hell, if it for free why not? right?
    so i went today. i made an appt. for next week with the nurse to go on "the patch". they gave me a bag of stuff including gum, a lung stress ball thing, mints, a pen and a booklet. in the booklet you have to keep track of every cig you smoke, what time, when, where, and why and how you are feeling at the moment. it also has you write down what triggers you to smoke and so forth. Then i go in next tuesday, talk to the nurse and then she gives me the patch. im really excited and im honestly gonna try my hardest. wish me luck guys!!!!

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  2. Luciano

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    Sounds like you've taken a great first step..
    Another thing to plan for and prepare for is the occasional relapse. Dont beat yourself up and take it a day at a time.
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    Connnnnnnnnnnnnngatulations, when you are done come back so we can make fun of you for starting at all (or.......)
  4. a red heart

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    awesome, you will succeed.
  5. O'Fuck

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    Best of luck!
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    Relapse is not a part of recovery... sometimes it allows us to see what we our shortcomings were in the past, but "planning for relapse" is not something i'd ever recommend.

    However, I do feel taking it a day at a time is key.
  7. Luciano

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    I guess planning was the wrong idea.......
    Smoking, being the hardest addiction to break, has the highest percentage of relapse. Prepare for that temptation would be a much better way of saying that. thanks

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