top three foreign bands in your opinion

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by bounty_hunter, Feb 15, 2006.

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    methuen mass
    Well it's always good to expand your ears from out of your country. This threads gives us a chance to learn about great bands we probably never heard of.

    here I go

    band - X japan
    country - well from japan
    website -

    why are they amazing - Typically I hate hair metal but these guys blew me away. I first heard about them at a very young age when i was in japan but didn't get into them until a few years later. The drummer is the best I have ever heard in my life, he actually made me want to become a drummer. The guitarist..hide he has easily the most inspiring solo's I have ever heard in a band. If you typically like speed metal you are doing yourself an injustice by not listening to them :big grin:
    band - Generation 69
    country - Thailand
    website - N/A

    why they are amazing - well they brought me into the whole oi/skinhead genre (I hope yoou guys aren't thinking of the nazi skinheads). I managed to stumble across these guys and actually grab their cd from a distributer. They basically brought Oi to thailand, their music although instrumentally nothing special comes together really well. They have a really good sound to them.
    band - balzac
    country - japan
    website -

    why they are amazing - balzac is dubbed as the "japanese misfits" which actually turned me off for a bit. I never got into the misfits but when I heard these guys they floored me. especially the song d.a.r.k, personally I think they are much more fun to listen to then the misfits. Surprisingly the lyrics are pretty deep and the musical part is very fun to listen to. They are a great sing along band even if you don't know japanese.

    expand your ears people :big grin:
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    momus -- UK/Japan
    Buffalo Daughter -- Japan
    DJ Vadim -- Russia

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    Cleveland/Ohio State
    Evergrey - Sweden
    Opeth - Sweden
    Porcupine Tree - England

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