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Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Intel, May 3, 2008.

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    Hi guys,

    Long story short. This week has been bad for my car. Last weekend I hit a parking pole at the mall (bottom of the front bumper, left side, barelly noticeable unless you duck).

    It left me without paint along the scratched area.

    Additionally, today some bitch parking behind me hit me (slowly) near my license plate and chipped my paint (two-small chips on the bumper, no paint whatsoever).

    So, now I find myself looking on how to fix this myself. I found:

    1) some reviews online. Results on website seem too good to be true.

    Then I found:

    2) = Excellent reviews, they sell the PRIMER, BASE COAT, and the Clearcoat. About $55 total including the sandpaper I need and all 1oz bottles.

    Any of you guys had experiencing correcting paint defects like mine? (bumpers without paint, front bumper is actually bare plastic *i will have to smooth it out with sanding paper*) :hsd:
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    Pictures would be most helpful...
  3. Intel

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    Damm, my mom took my digital camera to south america and I am left with my shitty phone cam 320x280 or someshit. the quality sucks.

    I will try to take pics with a buddies camera and update this thread.
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    The damage you describe is beyond touchup paint. Touchup just doesn't lay paint like a gun does. It's fine for door edges and little 1 mm chips, but cuts/gouges in plastic bumpers won't fill right.

    Call local car dealerships and ask for the reference of a bumper repair guy. If you meet him on his regular repair route and pay him cash, you can get like-new repairs for $125 cash.

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