ART Tough call *newbie thread alert* on first DSLR purchase


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Feb 16, 2002
San Antonio, TX
I have had this post in the writing for 5 days now, so be gentle. I have gone through this forum. Looked thru past pages and threads for ideas.
Still going through tons of info from you guys. :bowdown:

I want to get into this hobby, but i have a very limited budget. Still reading on the basics. I have read the stickies and im sure you guys see this type of post everyday. But i have a very bad habit of buyers remorse so i want this purchase to be a solid one.

Situation 1
Buy d90 body 799 new
wait a couple a month for a lense (maybe a 50mm to start about $139)
look for a cheap kit (18-55) lense someone is selling to hold me over

Situation 2
Buy a Nikon 3100 kit 649.00
Buy a 50mm AF-S lens about 200.00
Best buy has a reward zone promo if spend over 500 get a 50 dollar
gift card that will go towards a lens

Situation 3
Best buy has the nikon 5000 kit for 599.00
add a 50mm af-s lends later

Situation 4
But either a canon t2i or save a little more for a t3i
hard to find a t2i locally though.

I got bitten by the bug when the gf got me a canon s95 any help would be appreciated :hsd:


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Feb 16, 2002
San Antonio, TX
Would you ever consider buying something used? It would save you quite a bit of money

That's were the buyers remorse thing comes into play. There are some decent deals locally thru craigslist but since i don't know much yet. I don't want to be "had" by someone selling a bad camera or what to look for.
ie shutter count, or if the sensor is bad. :hs:


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Nov 25, 2004
You'll grow disappointed in either one very quickly, so just buy whatever you can afford now and regret not spending more money later.


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Aug 27, 2002
the intarweb
This isn't really that tough a call. All entry level dslr's are going to perform at an adequate level.

My advice, buy a <$300 used camera with kit lens that's 2-3 years old and then pick up a 50mm 1.8. Shoot a bunch of pictures and then sell it in a year if you need something better.


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Feb 15, 2005
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Are you sure this is a hobby youre going to stick to and not give up on in a few months? Are you willing to learn how to shoot in manual mode?

If youre even a tiny bit unsure about either of those questions I'd buy a cheap entry level dslr or buy second hand. The more you get into it the more lenses you'll buy as you go.


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Feb 16, 2002
San Antonio, TX
Well i just came back from the camera place. was going to get the d3100 for 649 and a 55-200mm lens for 149+tax. Right when i was about to pull the trigger a guy came in to trade in his d90. While they took it to be inspected i was talking to the guy and he just picked up a d700 and was going to trade the d90 towards some glass. They checked it out (for being stolen and such and if everything was ok which the two techs said everything was perfect) they were going to offer him 650 with lens, but the owner said he heard me talking to him and if he wanted to sell it to me he was cool with it :bowdown:. told him 700 bucks and he said thats cool. :bigthumb: told the owner of the camera place i will be back to get the 50mm lens from him this coming week.

todays loot

d90 with 18-105mm,box with everything, extra battery

went to best buy and bought a bag and a 8 gig sd card

im ready to learn! thanks for all the replies :wavey:
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