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Discussion in 'Vaginarium' started by poomanchu, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Hey F/S people,
    Just got some new toys for the g/f (Ivibe rabbit and an Anal-T) and was wondering about care for them. She currently has a Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbit and uses 700mah NiCad batteries in it. I was wondering if it was worth getting some 2500mah NiMH batteries for the new toys?

    The reason for the new toys is she uses the Eclipse rabbit for half an hour until both her and the NiCads run out of juice :rofl:. I heard its a no-no to run a toy for more than 15mins straight as they heat up and burn out motors? Also I heard you arent supposed to leave batteries in toys but I cant see anything wrong with doing that.

    Lastly whats a good whip for beginners? Ive been looking at either a 10" angel hair or a 10" multi-tailed suede whip. Whats the difference?

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    Can't comment on the bateries for your new toy - sorry.

    As for the whip. Are you looking for a whip or a flogger?

    whip (also called a single tail):


    Neither to be confused with a cat of nine tails (essentially a nine-tailed whip):

    In my opinion a floger is better for a beginner. The difference in material is going to have a different feel on the person receiving the impact. When describing floggers you usually hear that a particular style/length/material of flogger is either "sting-y" or "thuddy". Stingers are usually made with a harder material and actualy do sting when they are "thrown" correctly on the skin. Thudders are usually heavier/softer material and you can usually throw them as hard as you can and the bottom feels a hard thud (sometimes like getting punched with a closed fist). They also make combination floggers that are caled thud-stingers and they are usually made with a soft hide (like elk, kangaroo, etc.) with a harder hide or rubber mixed in. The shape and length of the falls (iindividual strands of the flogger) also makes a big difference. Usually the wider/softer the flails the thuddier the experiece.

    Now you need to find out whether you like thud or sting. A thudding flogger is usually good for a warm up as the wide flails usually warm-up the entire area quickly and efficiently then you can switch to more of a stinging flogger to hone in on certain areas.

    I'm not familiar with angel hair (other than the old fashioned christmas decoration stuff) but I'm sure that it would be quite an irritant without a lot of 'thud' or 'sting'. The suede flogger will also be a bit of an irritant if the falls are just rubbed over the area but they are soft enough that they will produce a good thud as well. Depending on the thickness of the individual falls and how the ends are treated (either cut off square or rounded) you will get some sting as well. The suede flogger would be a better all around (single) flogger to have in my opinion.
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