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    I need some idea's/help...

    I'm curious to know about how much a 97-2k Tacoma 2wd manual tranny 3.4 v6 w/ 40k and below miles would go for roughly???

    is the hp and trq output for the 3.4 the same from 97 as it is now in the 2k1's? How are these trucks in reliability and performance?

    Just trying to conjure up another route incase I decide not to go with a S10/Sonoma.

    after doin' a lil research...I basically described a S-runner....did they make S runners in 97-2k...or is that something that started in 2k1??
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    I just saw an S-Runner for the first time on Thursday. I didn't even know that Toyota was making them, so i think it's new for 2K1. I've got a '99 4x4 SR5V6, with 54K miles, and KBB says it's worth $17,640 retail, so I imagine a 4x2 would run a little less.

    As far as reliablity, I've yet to have a single problem, other than the nail I ran over, but that's not to be helped. My dad has an '87 4x2 he bought brand new, and he's got 250,000 miles on it, and she's still runnin', even after I rolled it while in HS, and he hit a deer @ 60mph once.

    Power is good for a nearly 2 ton truck too. The 3.4L V6 is rated at 190HP. I'd think that a little 4x2 with that same engine would move pretty quick.
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    I believe they've been making the S-Runner for 1-2 years.
    I had a 93 4x4 and had no problems with it. When I traded it in all it needed was shocks and muffler.

    To find out how much one of these would cost look at an Autotrader or go to and look it up. They'll give you the suggested price that a dealer would sell it at. This is the book used by dealers and loan officers.
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    They only made the S-Runner in 2001. Was and probably will be the only year it was made. I work for Toyota and haven't seen any 2002 S-Runners come in yet. We've been getting them in for about 3 months now, so I'm almost positive they aren't making them anymore. Good luck finding a V6 tacoma with a 5 speed though. Not a whole lot of them out there. Hp is the same. The 3.4 has stayed the same from 95 to 02. If 190 hp isn't enough, get a TRD supercharger. I've found them as low as $1980 which is really cheap for a factory warranteed high performance item like that. How much are you willing to spend, and I can tell you what you can get as far as year/model wise?

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