Track racing: Rims/tires you prefer

Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Gabe, Nov 25, 2002.


How much do you frequent tracks to race your car

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  3. every month or so

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  1. Gabe

    Gabe Guest

    What's up guys, I'm doing a somewhat poll, gathering data and want to know...
    When you go to the track (be it strip or for corners of any form) what size rims, tires and what not do you use, and prefer? What kind of car do you have? What size/type of rim/tires would you use ideally if you could just borrow them for a day?

    Some good 411, feedback would be great.

    Personally, I just hit thunderhill today using a set of yokohamas on my stock 16" Mustang 5 lug rims - I believe they were 225s

    Post up!

  2. ae86andkp61

    ae86andkp61 Guest


    Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86


    Wheels are Datsun 280ZX factory alloys in 14x6 with 185/60-14 Kumho Victoracer 700R. I also sometimes use the same tires on 14x6.5 Enkei mesh. In either case, the bare wheels weigh about 11-12 pounds each.


    Currently Nokian Hakkappelita, but soon to be Kumho's new rally tire, with an outside chance of Silverstone rally tires, once again in a 14" size on a 14x5.5 or 14x6 used factory alloy.

    For the street I run 185/60-14 Dunlop D60 A2's, but my ideal wheel to borrow for the day would be either Volk TE37 or Panasport in a 15x6.5" size. This wheel would allow a wonderful combination street/track tire that would give up some grip during trackdays, but would be very durable and super-cheap....the Kumho Supra Ecsta a 195/50-15.

    No, I don't work for Kumho....they just make affordable good tires for motorsports use.

    Hope this is some help....
  3. Guido The Penguin

    Guido The Penguin Hi, I'm here for the gang bang.

    Oct 7, 2001
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    p'cola, FL

    2000 Mercury Cougar


    SCCA Solo-II on an old WWII training airfield. Rough ashpalt with loose dirt to mix. Speeds on our Solo-II course are approaching Solo-I speeds, so tires do get a little extra wear from the high speed turns.

    This year, ran BF Goodrich Competition T/A tires in 215/50R-16

    THEY ARE UTTER CRAP!!!! :mad:

    The stock Firestone's that came with the car were much better.

    Next year, will be running Kumho Ecsta V700s on a spare set of stock rims strictly for auto-x. :bigthumb:
  4. ChineseSpoon

    ChineseSpoon Active Member

    Sep 16, 2002
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    West Coast
    civic ex sedan
    14in wheels with 195/60r14 falken azenis for autoX
    will be using either toyo ra1 or advan 032r next year
  5. edrox

    edrox A good man, and thorough

    Oct 8, 2002
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    Las Vegas, NV
    My answer to the poll is not available -- auto-x about 2-3 times per month in the summer.

    82 Toyota Starlet - 4AGE engine 5-speed --

    Rota 13x7 wheels with Avon slicks - stick like flypaper
  6. Otto

    Otto Who the hell do you think I am!?!?!?!

    May 4, 2002
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    on a chevy S10 for auto-x i plan on running a
    16x8 all around factory ZQ8 wheels with probally Kumho Victoracer tires, i heard they stick decent and wont break loose as suddenly as other autox tires
    but i havent finalized anything yet
    probally autox 10 times a year
  7. autoracer1

    autoracer1 Rallyx postponed :wtc: Next one May 10.

    Apr 3, 2002
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    Car: 89 Mercury Topaz

    Racing: Rallycross

    Thinking also about the new Kuhmo gravel spec tires... but frankly I dont want to have my ass handed to me in Group 2, or if I go into the states Group 5, or anything else. Thinking about Nordic Wintertrac snow tires.. cheap and a guy around here says they are grippy for the price, and durable. Gotta check the sipe width to see if its in Spec for a "street tire" but if its a topaz hopefully they will have leniency :happysad:

    If I ran autox on street tires I would use Falken Azenis.

    Anyone know how those new Ecsta MX performs agains the Azenis?

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