training after shoulder surgery

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by FredBull, Mar 19, 2009.

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    hey guys,

    used to post here a while ago but had to quit working out due to shoulder problems.
    basically, dislocated my shoulder 1 1/2 years ago and had trouble ever since.

    after trying to work it out, give it some rest etc i finally had to have surgery in oct 2008.

    spent some time in the hospital, wore a Gilchrist for many many weeks,...


    doc told me not to do any sorts of acitivities in order to minimize the chance of falling and fucking everything up again 6 months post-surgery.
    therefore, I'm now allowed to slowly start a normal, somewhat active life style again.
    happy as fuck about that since I basically didn't do any sports for the last 18 months other than soccer, running every once in a while.

    well here I am as of today

    right now I'll start with running, squats, sit-ups, hyper extensions... pretty much anything that doesn't involve shoulder movement.

    I can't do any overhead movements, cant put any major stress on my shoulder.

    I'm working shoulders really really easy with thera band.
    also some very light bench pressing.

    movement in front of my body is somewhat manageable

    ligting my arms (making a "T" with my body) is very tough, muscular balance is all fucked so no chance to put weight on that.

    overhead movement won't be possible for a couple months, only thing is straight up in front of my body

    so here's my question:

    is there any way to train upper back without putting too much stress on my neck/shoulder?

    chin ups would maybe be possible but I'd rather not at this point.
    pull-ups or bent over rows no way in hell.

    I am working with a physiotherapist twice a week but honestly, she's working with body tension, yoga moves and such.

    I've lost plenty of muscle, gained fat and became incredibly lethargic these last months due to not working out :hs:

    if there's no way to safely train back I guess I'll have to wait a few more months but if anyone has suggestionsany, experiences, book recommendations I'd be very happy :joshers:
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