Training Change- Addressing Weaknesses

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by Natezilla, Mar 22, 2005.

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    So I've been using an upper/lower body split working twice a week, but I plan on going to a more standard CP routine to focus on some key weaknesses in preparation for my October meet.

    My weaknesses are as follows:

    Squat: Weak out of the hole
    Bench: Weak about 3-4 inches off the chest
    Dead: Weak off the floor

    Since I'm still pretty weak I'm going to leave a lot of rep work for pressing and squatting but plan on addressing weaknesses as follows:

    Squatting: Low box squats, "core" work, more unilateral squatting for brute leg strength, and hamstring pounding.
    Benching: I haven't been doing speed work, so I'm going back to that; 2 and 3 board pressing on max days, DB pressing for 8-10 after speed work to help my raw bench.
    Deadlift: Speed pulls, a lot of them; pulling with my feet elevated on mats, and more hamstring pounding.

    So a weeks example would look like:

    Sun- Speed Bench

    Flat Bench-8x3 with 50-60% of 1RM
    DB pressing-3x8-12
    Tricep Extensions- 3x12-15
    Horizontal Row- 4x6-8
    Delt/ Upper Back work- High rep range
    Maybe some bi's, maybe.

    Mon- Max Squat

    Low box squats to 3RM
    Speed Pulls- 10x2
    Pull Throughs- 3x8-10
    1-2 ab exercises for high reps
    Grip work

    Wed- Max Bench

    2,3 board presses for 3RM
    5,6 board presses to 3RM or 6-8 reps with close grip for tri work (metal militia style)
    Horizontal Rowing- 3x8
    Delt/ Upper Back work- High rep range
    Bi's again, maybe.

    Fri- DE Squat

    Speed squats- 8x3 with 50-60%
    DL with snatch grip or with feet elevated for reps
    45 degree back raises-3x12
    1-2 ab exercises, heavy for low reps
    grip/upper back work

    I'm also going to go back to using good mornings to help with my SQ/DL.

    Christophers, what are your thought's on the rep ranges for tri work and how they go with speed vs. max days. Should I swap them? I tried to keep the rep day and max days similar.

    Let me know what you guys think, or if you have any other ideas for addressing these weaknesses.
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