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  1. I'm using WindowBlinds to skin my Windows XP and one of the skins has a feature that puts a button on every window titlebar that makes the window turn translucent so you can see what's behind it. In and of itself, I think this feature is completely useless, as the mixing of window contents on the screen makes the translucent window unusable. But I have an idea and I'd like to know if anybody knows how it could be accomplished:

    When you click on the Translucent button, the window turns translucent as normal, but it also becomes disabled, so that nothing in it can be manipulated. However, you CAN manipulate solid windows that are visible through the translucent window; effectively you "reach through" the translucent window to the solid ones behind it. When you click on the Translucent button again, the window solidifies and becomes enabled again.

    It's important to note that the translucent window would not drop behind a solid window that is being manipulated, but would stay fixed in place in the Z-Order while it is translucent. In other words, if Window A is in front of Window B and behind Window C at the time that is it made translucent, it will stay in front of Window B and behind Window C until it is made solid again.

    The basic idea is that you wouldn't have to minimize or move a window in order to use other windows that are hidden behind it. Good idea or no? I think the idea is at least worth exploring a bit. Does anybody have any idea how this could be made to work, or maybe even the motivation and skill to try?
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  3. Difficult to do, yes; but regardless of that, what do you think of the concept?

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