tree sap?

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Guest, Jun 22, 2001.

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    i got some tree sap on my car and its been there forever. how do i remove it?

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    Detailing clay should do the trick. Pine sap can be pretty tough to remove, though.

    Clay Magic, Mothers and Meguiars all make pretty good clay detailing kits. Just follow the directions and your paint should be slick as snot on glass.
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    i have yet to find any of those "tree sap" removers work at all. they are all junk, dont waste your money. im guessing a clay bar will do the trick.
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    I would recommend a clay bar or if you do not have one readily avalible... some spray wax should take care of it (does for me at least)
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    Tree sap remover can work

    At least the bottle of stuff I have does... I don't even know how old it is or where the hell it came from either. I *think* it's Turtle Wax. It also looks like it's a hundred yuears old :big grin: But it does take sap off... I don't know how long his has been on the car for though. I take off sap as soon as I see it... never tried it on veteran sap (heh).
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    I know, old thread

    So what...... I have good advice.

    To remove tree sap I use 3M Adhesive, Tar, and Grease Remover. I found it at Advance Auto Parts but check out all your local auto parts joints for it. It comes in an aerosol container.

    This works great on sap and tar. But be sure to wash your car after using it. You don't want the residue to sit on the paint.

    If you're a risk taker try something like mineral spirits or naptha to remove sap. This stuff can be bought at Home Depot or the auto paint section of your auto parts stores. Be careful with this. Test it on an inconspicuous place on your car to make sure it doesn't remove the paint. Wash your car after using it. Naptha and mineral spirits are what body shops use to remove silicone oils and wax from cars before painting them. So they don't care what kindo of damage it does to the paint; the car's being repainted anyway. But it will remove all kinds of shit from your paint.

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