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    I'm sure this question has been asked before, however I do not have a sub and cannot search :(

    Anyways, I have tree sap on the car, and cannot get it off. There seems to be alot of it. I run my hand over top of the hood, roof, and trunk lid I can feel it all over. I was wondering what people do to get rid of it?

    I have tried to use a claybar, however I let the claybar glide over top of the surface, I don't apply pressure to the bar.

    I wash my car with ONR, and use ONR Wax as well.

    Any suggestions would be awesome!
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    Why would you not apply pressure with the clay bar?

    If clay won't take it off, you will probably have to use a paint safe solvent to remove the sap.

    Here are the official parking rules for future referrence:

    1. Do not park under trees
    2. Do not park within 20 feet of any grassy areas (sprinklers)
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    Stoner's Tarminator all the way!
    I cannot live without it. The single best product I've ever used for sap.
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    I guess I should have said, i don't apply a lot of pressure.

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