Tripping The Rift

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by somenoise, Nov 10, 2005.

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    Sep 10, 2004
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    Has anyone seen it???
    The season one dvd box-set has just come out a few weeks ago..

    Reading this synopsys, it seems to be very interesting...

    Tripping the Rift is the continuing comic saga of five misfits who live, work and play on the starship Jupiter 42, which is controlled by a neurotic A.I. known as Spaceship Bob. Bob's

    neuroses are kept in check by the verbally abusive pilot T'Nuk, and the ship's inner workings are tended by Gus, the depressive robotic chief engineer. No one's really sure what job, if

    any, is performed by teen slacker Whip, but everyone knows what kinds of jobs sexy android Six specializes in. The captain, a walking purple blob of rancor named Chode, hates his

    crew and they hate him back, but they have bigger problems to worry about — namely, the corporate-minded Dark Clowns, who are bent on dominating the galaxy, and the hopelessly

    conformist Confederation, which will stop at nothing to bring our bumbling antiheroes to injustice.
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    Jun 30, 2003
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    i bought the boxed set as soon as I saw it. this is the funniest season of television I've ever watched. Definitely worth the money.

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