Trouble installing OS X Tiger on G3 with no DVD drive using external firewire hdd

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Atheist, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Here's the short of it:
    -I bought an iBook new from apple 2 years ago, it came with OS X 10.4 Tiger and the black OS X Tiger DVD
    -That one got ruined so I bought a cheaper old G3 800mhz with no DVD drive running 10.3
    -I now need OS X 10.4 to use my new iPod touch, I don't want to use Apple's media exchange program, I just want to use this

    Here's what I've done:
    -I partitioned a firewire hard drive on a friends mac, did a restore to partition one and named it `Mac OS X Install DVD`. The files are on it and when I plug it into the G3 it shows up on my desktop (along with the other partition that I used to back it up)
    -When I select is as the start-up disk in sys prefs and hit reboot I have no luck, it just goes to my desktop.
    -If I hold option during boot it shows only my name with an arrow. Hitting that arrow goes to my desktop
    -If I try to run the installer by clicking its icon inside the firewire partition folder that shows up on my desktop `Please use the application provided on the installation disc`
    -I also tried to go to the /System/Installation/Packages folder which contains all the .pkg files used by the Mac OS X Install disc then clicked OSInstall.mpkg file and got "BaseSystem cannot be installed on this computer."

    I'm stuck!
    I think maybe the drive just not named right and has to match the DVD, whats the exact name, anyone? Or if you don't think thats it, what gives?! I think maybe the drive isn't bootable?? Its set as journaled. Any way to do this on the fly or what? I'd like to solve this with exactly what I have now without buying an external DVD drive until I absolutely feel I have to.

    What do I do? Help me genius'!

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