trying to figure this out (iPhone 3G and Original iPhone)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Pepe, Jun 18, 2009.

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    so i have a 3G and an original iPhone. i don't really want to update my 3G yet until the jailbreak is out (i tether a lot). so i plugged my original iPhone in (jailbroken and unlocked on 2.2.1) and restored to 2.2.1, downloaded the 3.0 update, and when i went to update it, it is trying to make me activate it. i put my 3G sim in it (because i use this older one when i go out to the bars and shit, way more durable).

    so anyways it is trying to make me add a line to my account, change my account, and a bunch of random other BS. i'm wondering if anyone knows a way past this. do you think putting it into DFU mode and restoring that way (manually selecting the 3.0 firmware i already downloaded via itunes) will work (although i'm not even sure if i'm already on 3.0. i suppose i may just have to wait for the 3.0 jailbreak to come out, but i just don't see why this should be so annoying.

    i'm very proficient in jailbreaking/unlocking, i'm just thinking maybe someone here can think of something else that perhaps i am overlooking. thanks.
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    To have your phone unlocked/activated, you would have to first restore with pwnage tool to 2.2.1 (can not use quickpwn). Then you can just upgrade to 3.0, and it will keep your unlock/activation. This will only work on the original iphone.

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