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    i am joining up soon but have heard from a few different sources that a lot of people in the military get scammed out of having college paid for in one way or another. im joining either way so it isnt a deal breaker, but having college paid is a big part of the appeal. what are the chances i will leave the air force four years from now with a degree?
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    Link us to any stories you've read about being scammed out of a college degree.

    Getting a degree while in the military is hard, but do-able. It is generally up to the person to accomplish it or not. I just finished my degree and I still have another year left. There are folks who have been in 20 years and have never finished their associates.

    You'll be busy early in your career with BMT, tech-school, and CDC upgrade training depending on your AFSC. EX: bus driver you'll be done with everything in about 6 months, but a linguist you are looking at 2 or more years of training. Once you are done with that then you are encouraged to further your education by going to college either locally or online.

    I've gone through 3 different schools, and I've never been screwed. The ones that I have talked to that have been screwed were the ones that didn't make the commitment to study, and do their job. They thought that the USAF was supposed to give you time to go to school :rofl:

    Also tuition assistance will not always pay 100% of your college course. That all depends on the school you go to, and you should ask how much it'll cost up front. A few folks I know had to pay the difference out of their pocket because they just "assumed" that the USAF covers 100% of their tuition regardless of what school they attend.

    In short: Ask your education office lots of questions and for help. Don't assume you'll be able to finish a bachelor's degree in your first 4years of service, but don't sit back and waste your opportunity to take advantage of tuition assistance. Its your fault if you think you get screwed.
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    Its not a scam, But there are certain things you need to know. The main thing being that tuition assistance means just that, it only pays the tuition part. All the other stuff thats tacked on id housing, insurance, other fees are still on you. Plus there is a cap at how much the military pays per semester hour.

    There is also paperwork involved. You must complete it, simple as that.

    Finally, If you fail a course, you will have to pay back that entire semester.

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