Turbo Guys - Need Boost Controllers Cheap?

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    Boost Controller Group Buy.

    Hi guys.

    I'm new to OT, but I know you guys have a lot of car enthusiasts on the board.
    I manufacture a line of Boost Controllers for turbocharged cars called QBoost Boost Controllers, and to introduce you guys to the product, QBoost is offering the members of Offtopic.com an exclusive group buy on our high quality boost controllers - at a big discount.

    Regularly, our complete In-Car boost controller kits sell for $75 at our website
    www.qboost.com and the Underhood boost controller kits sell for $35. At retail stores, the In-Cars sell for as much as $105, and the underhoods for as much as $50.

    QBoost Controllers is willing to offer these controllers at a huge discount to you guys. The group buy price will be $55 for the complete In-Car boost controller kit and $25 for the complete underhood boost controller kit.

    The terms are as follows: We must have a minimum of 15 units ordered for any discount, and over 30 units ordered for the full discount. If there are between 15-30 units ordered the price will be $60 for the In-Car kit and $30 for the Underhood kit. If we get over 30 controllers ordered in the group buy, the price will be $55 for the In-Car kit and $25 for the Underhood kit. That’s an incredible price for an underhood, and the absolute best for an in-car boost controller anywhere.

    The controllers are dual ball bearing design (no cost option, please specify single or dual with order) with advanced features and great quality, visit
    www.qboost.com for more information.

    Shipping will be additional, $5 per unit (shipping for multiple controllers to one address in one package will be just $2 for each additional controller) anywhere in the U.S and Canada (other locations contact me for price). The only tradeoff with this price is that the units will be shipped without their normal retail packaging and decals, keeping the cost down and the controllers no-frills, but everything needed for installation (even the zip ties) will be included.

    What does QBoost want in exchange for this amazing discount? We would simply like it known that this big discount is in exchange for all of the Offtopic.com members spreading the word and recommending QBoost Controllers to their friends.

    This group buy will last ONLY 10-15 days, no exceptions, so stock up now for gifts etc.

    If you are interested and want to place an order, simply post here with your email address, the number of controllers you’d like to purchase, and what type (In-Car or Underhood). Or email
    [email protected] with the same information. I will email all the participants with payment instructions when the group buy has ended.


    John Kelsall

    Owner, QBoost Controllers

    Moderators - I have permission to post this group buy from Fazle.

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