FRK Tutorial - Over the door restraint

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    I made this for (use on) the wife a few months ago. Of course, she was rather apathetic. Seeing as how it's been sitting on the ground ever since, I figured I'd put a little use to it. Maybe someone will find it useful.

    Materials used:
    • 1/2" webbing strap approx 5' long or so
    • Small piece of PVC pipe (or dowel rod) ~1/2" diameter
    • small length adjustment slide
    • d-ring
    • needle & thread

    1. First, fold the canvas over the diameter of the pvc and stitch the canvas to itself. (pic)
    2. Next, slide the adjustment slide on halfway, then slide the d-ring onto the canvas. Finish by fitting the canvas through the adjustment slide. (pic1, pic2)
    3. Last fit a small length of the PVC through the loop you made in the first step and you're done. (pic)

    To use, fit the PVC over an open door (or under it) and close. The PVC prevents the entire thing from coming off the door. The adjustment slide allows you to adjust how long the entire thing is and the d-ring (although not actually required), allows a point to clip restraints onto.

    The end result in use looks like this:

    I found a needle and thread in the house, some PVC laying around in the basement. I ordered the webbing and slide adjustment from (part #'s: 3643T11 and 2974T45 respectively) The d-ring was picked up from a hardware store for < $1.

    Yes, I'm bored.
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    nice ... I will be looking for something like this to attach to the bed posts this weekend

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